Major brands fall during international piracy competition

Major brands fall during international piracy competition

November 15, 2019 Off By admin

Pwn2Own is an international piracy competition that took place in Japan in one of these phases involving mobile technology piracy.

Unlike the other phase that takes place in the United States and is more focused on browser and operating system piracy.

For the phase taking place in Japan, as usual, several major brands showed up. And it wasn't really inconsequential. From Amazon to Sony to Samsung and Xiaomi, almost every major brand has been able to resist the zeal of computer security researchers.

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The machines that were hacked during the event include Samsung's smart TV, Amazon Echo speaker, Sony TVs, Xiaomi Mi9 smartphones, NETGEAR and TP-Link routers. These aircraft succumbed on the first day of the competition.

We all know that it was this year that the publishers of the event decided to expand their device scope to include those of home automation. In accordance with the competition rules, organizers must publish each year a list that makes up the different targets for each edition, whether it is north America's for operating systems and browsers, or Japan's list of mobile technology. This list must be published a few months before the start of the competition. in this way all researchers who would like to participate, will be able to prepare and look for vulnerabilities that they will exploit during competitions.

And as soon as the contest is launched, the rules begin to apply. The researchers then choose a terminal that they will have the heavy task of hacking. If he succeeds during their attempt to take control of the device, the winners will then receive a sum of money as a prize as well as points that will be used in a general classification.

All security vulnerabilities and techniques used by the hackers will then be recovered by the organizers who will then have to communicate them to the various vendors who have exhibited their device.

For years, organizers have been working hard to make Pwn2Own the world's most beloved hacking contest. The event receives very large sponsors especially from suppliers who expose the exploitable devices of hundreds of hackers each year and several companies send their representatives each year in order to identify security flaws that could be used to improve the quality of their products, correct their failures, something they manage to do in a day or even a few hours , whereas it could have taken years.

One of the devices to stand out in this edition is the Portal of Facebook, this home automation device designed by the social network, released exactly last year a few months after the 2018 edition, was also in the competition at this same edition which allowed to be introduced among the tools put in competition, the devices of home automation some of which have paid the price , such as the Apple Watch, the Amazon Echo, the Google home or the Google is not, not to mention the Amazon Cloud Cam.

The sensation was the participation of the Portal of Facebook, the new jewel of the American firm. But what was the surprise of observers when they saw that cybersecurity researchers preferred not to approach this tool in favor of other devices much easier to hack. Big brands like the ones we mentioned above could not resist the Cyberchers especially, those of the Fluoroacetate team, considered, as the best in the world, composed of Amat Cama and Richard Zhu, the winners of the last two Pwn2Own competitions.

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