Privacy and personal data

Privacy and personal data

December 25, 2019 Off By admin

The protection of personal data is now a very important issue.

Whether you are a computer security specialist or not, everyone all know that it is essential today to give the management and safeguarding of personal data a really delicate place for data. However, it should not be denied, the protection we give to personal data is greatly underestimated as to its real importance in daily practice. And this will be explained by two major reasons.

1- The complex nature of personal data protection.

From a material point of view, it is clear that the subject is complex. Indeed, in practice we are much more carried away by the speeds of use in such a way that it is easy not to take the necessary measures. By always using a password again and producing again, we clearly sometimes let our guard down, either out of weariness or because we are in a hurry. Unfortunately, in many cases, this kind of release is the source of several problems. the incessant data leaks we wipe out is the palpable answer. But we can not blame the users because some partly innocent. While their responsibilities are to be met, the fact remains that web service operators are at fault.

2- The questionable ethics of web service operators.

It should be noted here that the various structures that offer web services are largely at fault for the problems faced by web users. Indeed, the security requirement leans much more on their side of the scale. As a result, they must put in place a set of systems to protect the user. instead it simply taps into the data generated by it or allows other structures to do the same. If this were not enough, their dominant position is often the source of a fairly flagrant violation of the rights of users of their platform. It was announced in the course of November to December that the world's most famous social network, Facebook with more than 2.4 billion users, had the practice of geolocating its users without even their consent. And this was practiced even though the geolocation function was disabled.The goal is to target them on the advertising front. A group like Facebook is beyond what we see because it is made up of the Platform WhatsApp and also Instagram without forgetting Messenger. On the issue of illegal geolocation often initiated by some major web groups, the New York Times is said to have conducted a wide-ranging investigation into the business that could result from it. A rather frightening discovery came out of it. Every second every hour and every day, every user of mobile technology such as computers, tablet smartphones etc… or simply technology are constantly targeted and geolocated by companies. Several companies make their business in targeting and illegal location.

Even if in a certain sense the authorities are put in harm in their function of regulating the sector, it is necessary to be aware of the obvious, the data have too high a market value to give them an almost extrapatrimoniale legal value. As a result, violations that may result from the illicit use of user-generated data are increasingly tolerated or ignored. This is wrong, it must be said however it is an evil that can be mitigated because remove it seems impossible. This requires much more awareness and, of course, more aggressive supervision on the part of the authorities.

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