Security peaks since telework explosion

Security peaks since telework explosion

July 3, 2020 Off By admin

Among the digital services that have experienced some increase in their use during containment, we can mention, among others, cloud services.

However, the increase in its use has also created a new need. The one about his security.A need that has grown more and more in the last 2 months.

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A security information and event management company called exabeam cloud computing recently conducted an analysis on the use of security software to protect the cloud environment. The research was carried out over several months and mainly in the UK with IT security professionals. It first started before the containment period. As a result of this study, two important pieces of information can be retained:

-There is a clear increase in the use of security tools for the preservation of the cloud environment.

– This sharp increase is due to the explosion of remote collaboration, which in turn is itself the cause of a strong demand for cloud-related services. The need was born in order to preserve collaboration and data backups regularly sensitive.

This is based on the various concerns that are in the area of privacy and the sovereignty of digital data, for whom the main ones. These two aspects occupy the 56% and 41% cloud-switching concerns, respectively. 31% of security professionals surveyed openly expressed concern about unauthorized access to the cloud. In addition, 44% of the companies approached in the study admitted to using cloud-protection security tools to protect their sensitive data, which is mostly financial. This, according to Exabeam, represents a fairly dramatic growth compared to last year, when only 12% of companies were looking at the issue of cloud security.

So Exabeam's surveys clearly show that because of telecommuting, cloud security tools are peaking. Despite this, 86% of the professionals surveyed consider that the switch to the cloud still has as many risks. 47% consider this to be at risk. This seemed totally opposed to 87% of those who felt that their company had sufficient resources and technical resources to cope with a healthy migration to the cloud. "Given that event visibility should extend to each virtual cloud and cloud service used by an organization, a positive conclusion to the report is that 79% have good or very good visibility of their cloud applications. With the pandemic leading to a remote workforce, 84% of organizations have significantly improved their efforts to ensure better visibility of cloud-based applications. Just over a quarter of respondents, or 26%, believe they have "very good visibility" on cloud-based applications. observes Nancy Rey, IT journalist

In a sense, the information society's surveys have confirmed that switching to the cloud is a model with many advantages. In particular, the significant reduction in resources and financial costs invested. Technically, this allows engineers to work more easily and quickly by having easier access to the company's resources. In addition, it reduces the workload, allowing IT teams to take an interest in your project. It can also be revealed as an advantage

– More improved surveillance and monitoring of computer attacks according to 21% of professionals surveyed;

– easier access to new features for 20% of respondents;

– A shorter turnaround time;

– Reduced need for reduced maintenance;

– A reduction in capital expenditure. 

These are all aspects that make it easy for companies to opt for the cloud. In addition, the survey can be noted that:

– 90% of companies admitted to having purchased cloud-based security tools at times when the need was greatest

– 50% of companies reported that the security tools used in the cloud were generally used to protect financial data in the first place, then apartment data to their customers.

– 48% use these same tools for file sharing compared to 38% for e-mails.

"The momentum for the adoption of cloud security tools has been developing for some time. The sudden and unexpected shift to remote work in March paved the way for cloud-based security solutions, as companies had to migrate critical business data to the cloud almost overnight. This survey reflects what we see and hear from our clients. The appetite and the intention to migrate to the cloud exist, and many are now reaping the benefits. Thanks in large part to COVID-19, organizations that had adopted a wait-and-see approach had no choice but to board the cloud bus, regardless of their concerns," said Samantha Humphries, a security expert at Exabeam.

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