The hard-skinned password, even in the Fortunes 500

The hard-skinned password, even in the Fortunes 500

March 14, 2021 Off By admin

Today, computer security awareness is becoming increasingly exciting in many ways.

In a way, we realize that cybersecurity is becoming something important to businesses but also to individuals.

In a recent study, conducted by the subsidiary of Nord Security, the company NordPass, specialized in publishing password manager programs, it was highlighted in the report that resulted from this research, that even the Fortunes 500 are caught in the habit of using passwords very poorly formulate.

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The study carried out by the password manager company is based on the analysis of several data that were collected for several times by hackers, during several computer attacks.

The companies involved have been listed in the different categories of their industry. We then start from health through trade, telecommunications, finance, agriculture and even aeronautics.

At this level, the company observed nearly 15,603,438 violations

In almost all categories, the same passwords come back every time. Passwords that for a long time have been discouraged. "password" and "123456."

Generally the information, which is stolen during these computer attacks, is information, which subsequently finds exposed online.

Unfortunately, neglect in the use of very poorly worded passwords is something generalized. And this even in 5pm IT companies.

"For years, cybersecurity experts have recommended using a complex alphanumeric password with special characters and several breaks. It is also advisable to use a different password for each of the services used. However, faced with the limit of human memory, password managers can generate unique, ultra-secure combinations that the user no longer needs to remember through an automatic filling system. NordPass explains in its report.

As a result, one wonders how to protect against this kind of conduct. One thing is for sure, in an organization, there will always be a collaborator who, in some way or another, will continue to form his passwords in this way. It will therefore have to be dealt with by ensuring that this cannot have an overly aggravating effect on society.

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