Windows and ransonware: Harder to fight ransomware

Windows and ransonware: Harder to fight ransomware

November 25, 2019 Off By admin

With the recent computer attacks, we realized that ransomware was becoming more and more sophisticated.

Computer security researchers admit that it is now more difficult to counter these malwares. These attacks multiply from cycle to cycle, and with each companion, the publishers of these programs learn from their failures or even their success. According to IT journalist Steve Rangers: "Ransomware is growing rapidly and could become more difficult to fight as the ecosystem moves from a small number of dominant players to a large number of smaller players. ».

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According to an analysis by the cybersecurity company BitDefender, a particular concern must be about the safety of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Ransoming software, crypto minors and other programmes such as PUAs (which are potentially undesirable applications, which can be used breaches the privacy and security of systems), attacks based on system security vulnerabilities, are the most common and common threats to learn most seriously. However, BitDefender has that all of these menaces did not represent anything real challenge to that of ransomware. Indeed, Ransonwares have increased in 74.2% one year later. Enough to phagocyte others. If at the beginning of this year 2019, Ramsonware's attacks seemed to be decreasing, it was only because a group of hackers who had initiated another attack, that of the Ransonware GandCrab, device had the effect of extinguishing the others or even to slow them down.

But since the end of the campaign, other this same guy began to take up the torch, but more so. New group with new techniques have been trained to fill the void created by the previous. It is also very possible that they have already started their all-round companion. Even though these new programs such as Sodinokibi (aka REvil or Sodin) were unable to replacing the previous GandCrab with their efficiency, their growth is not to be overlooked. They take up a lot of space and continue to grow. ":The fall GandCrab, which dominated the ransomware market with a share of more than 50 % has left a void that various players fill quickly. This fragmentation can only mean that the ransomware market will become more powerful and more resilient to the combined efforts of law enforcement and the law enforcement industry cybersecurity to dismantle it. BitDefender says in the report. The cybersecurity company also said problems related to incidents involving minor cryptocurrencies, have lowered the intensity on their side. "The cryptocurrency miners are not going to probably not disappear anytime soon. he says in his report.

This way of focusing on the Windows system makes it possible to deduce that hackers who usually initiate this kind of attack do not usually have time to devote themselves to the Mac. BitDefender explained: "Windows remains a lucrative battlefront, malware authors have little interest in investing time and resources to develop threats on Macs for the general public. ». Moreover, this does not mean that Mac OS terminals are not secure. It is known that during the first half of 2019, most of the attacks that were directed against Macs, were cryptominage software or exploits relying on security vulnerabilities according to BitDefender's analysis.

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