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Is there any solutions to crack a Facebook password?

How to use Facebook hacker tool?

Even though it is the largest social network in the world, it is not the least frequented by hackers.

Thousands of hackers are trying every day to crack a Facebook password. Why? The two most important reasons are revenge and spying.

Indeed, a jealous girlfriend or a friend who is unfaithful can quickly make obsession with wanting to get the Facebook password of the profile. Others make jokes to their friends.

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(this works also with a phone number or a login ID).

There are lots of ways to crack a Facebook password and the American company is doing everything it can to try to fix its security fails. Already 50 million Facebook accounts have been hacked, proving that no account is safe from hacking. Facebook is investing hundreds of millions of dollars a year to try to prevent this type of accident from happening, but hackers still have a leg up.

They are very well organized, often in groups, they hack Facebook for money. They resell the information they hacked on the DarkWeb for a few dollars. Those who buy their accounts per thousand will use it to advertise and sell products to friends of the cracked account.

Hackers use encrypted computers and modified IP addresses to be completely transparent on the web. To hack Facebook, several tools are available on the Internet such as phishing pages, password generators, identity theft by smartphone (decode a Facebook password from a phone number used by an old account)... Also, there are people cracking just because they lost their Facebook password and want to recover it. It is very rare that the pirates testify about their exploits but some do not hesitate to launch flowers on the forums

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