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GMail is an email service belonging to Google, the problem of these online tools is that everyone has at least one account which makes the risk of hacking more regular. On smartphone or computer, GMail is accessible on all platforms. Google says that 250,000 accounts are hacked per week. So why cracking a GMail password?

Well, there are several reasons. At first, to crack GMail is possible, nobody can deny it. But who is spitting? Hackers are young, they are born with computers in hands, some are graduates of high schools while others have nothing, they hack for fun or money that is 99% pirate motivation. They can recover email access to spy on competitors and resell information. Also, they hack the emails of the contacts and they send their virus to the whole list to do the same fate as their first victim.

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This video shows PASS BREAKER software hacking a GMAIL

The method used to crack GMail is very sophisticated. Others are available on the Internet. The hackers do not have high-performance hardware as one might think, they have computers that are simple in the trade, they work from home on a sofa or their bed! They are not hidden in reality but are invisible on the Internet thanks to VPN.

Google tries to do everything to protect the data of their users but as soon as it is a username and password, the risk of hacking becomes higher and higher. Many people find security fails and help companies to fix them. Google has even organized a contest and rewards hackers who avoid the billion user to lose their data.