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Twitter is becoming more vulnerable to hackers

Methods to hack Twitter password

In the face of dangers on the Internet, social network accounts are increasingly favored by hackers, including Twitter with its half billion registered. It's easy for hackers to trap their victims.

Hacking a Twitter password does not necessarily mean taking control of a Twitter account and spamming all followers advertising messages. No, hacking a Twitter account can also be an identity theft. The hacker will create a Twitter account and duplicate exactly the same Twitter profile. He will take all your photos, all your texts, your messages, your description, absolutely everything and he will pretend to be you.

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How to hack TWITTER
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This is another form of hacking, this is called a simple and fast hack. It will only remain to add the friends of the victim on the fake Twitter profile and voila. Everyone will think that he speak to the real person. Amazing no? From there, the hacker will be able to simply send links containing viruses or spywares to the victim's friends.

Hackers can repeat this scam as many times as they want. In addition to sending dangerous links, they can also simulate a panic attack with contacts and try to extract money. They can make us believe that they are held in a country without a visa, without an ID card and that they need a loan of money that they will of course return once they return home.

Everything is good to get money on Twitter easily and especially from their home! Because do not think they work from an office or any local, most work from home on their sofa or their room. There are some organizations but very few because it would require too much investment.