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Yahoo has too many big security fails

How to hack a Yahoo password?

The Yahoo email address you use for your business is one of the most valuable digital assets you have. Having his email hacked would be a disaster, your email is the equivalent of your phone to communicate.

Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly trying to create a whole lot of traps to steal your access codes. It is very important to outsource your accounts and have a separate contact book not associated with the email address you use to prevent the spread if one day the hacking was to happen.

But if you've been hacked your Yahoo address, do not worry, there's still a solution to recover it. If you click on "Forgotten password", you will be put in touch with the Yahoo team who will ask you some safety questions such as your birthplace, your best childhood friend or even the name of your dog!

If you answer the questions correctly, you will be able to reset your access code and thus recover access to your Yahoo emails and contacts. It does not work most of the time, but if it does not work, try to understand the cause of the hacking you've been victim to.

Some sites do not even accept a password if they do not meet these criteria. These criteria come from IT Experts which is responsible for standards in technology. An insane sentence more secure than numbers and letters. We explained that passwords created are, in reality, easily hacked by a robot.

For that you have to think like a hacker, where did he find the security hole? Can your password be too simple or a link from a fraudulent email that you have clicked? Have you thought about cleaning your computer of possible viruses? Maybe your contacts are also in danger? We should contact them one after the other to warn them that if they receive a message from you then do not respond to it because they will communicate with the pirate who will try by all means to extract money.

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