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Can we hack Facebook Password?

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Find a Facebook password account
Here is a video of how to hack a FACEBOOK
password thanks to PASS FINDER
(this works also with a phone number or a login ID).

Hacking a Facebook password is simple in reality. Most hackers are not adult when they hack their first Facebook account. So how do they do it? There are not as many solutions as one can believe and the TV series only make believe false ideas on Facebook hacking. When an account is hacked, the user does not see it. He is far from imagining what happened to him simply because everything is virtual, the hacker gets into his information only virtually behind a computer screen. It is not comparable to a burglary, even if the term and psychologically it's the same thing, but nothing was definitely stolen. Except in an extreme case where the account is deleted, most of the time, the hacker duplicates the data. He wants to use it to make money. And yes, do not think he'll do that just for fun... his goal after hacking is to have a reward.

For example, he will contact the friends of the victim's profile and ask for financial help by usurping his identity. Or he will simply post on the wall links to advertising sites (spam, sale of drugs...) and make friends believe that it is really great. The victim's friends will believe that he is the one who posted this link and will click on it. They will fall into the trap of the hacker. Hackers can also resell on the black market hacked Facebook accounts for a few US dollars.


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