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Can we Hack Wifi Password?

WiFi networks are part of everyday's life and many people would like to connect to it. The owners of routers or WiFi points can give free access to their WiFi without code or protection but for what purpose? By kindness? It's possible, but also to be able to hack you all your content and spy on you! Once a computer or smartphone is connected to a network, it is visible to all other connected devices. It is important to have a good firewall to block unwanted individual on his private space. But that's not all, if a network is private and therefore secure with an access code, it is possible to blow this lock.

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Hackers use WiFi code hacking techniques. They use packet sniffers that will simulate a connection and then try a whole bunch of possible and imaginable combinations. The FBI, for example, only needs 3 minutes to hack a WiFi. Useful when they need emergency Internet access to send an email.

What is dangerous is that if someone has access to your Internet connection, you are responsible for it. The law is very clear above, the disorders are your responsibility. If the hacker does illegal things like downloading movies, music or worse, communicating with terrorists, you will be responsible. The police will trace your login IP address and you will prove your willingness to cooperate with the law by demonstrating that you have nothing to do with it. For this, on your computer, go to the "Network" tab and look at the list of connected devices. If there are devices that are connected to it without being prompted, you can revoke them with their MAC address.

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