Hack WiFi keys

A WiFi key is never secured

How to hack WiFi keys?

Hacking a WiFi key is not a simple process, but it can be easy for a motivated person to want to take over the coveted Internet network.

Even if you use a simple WEP or WPA key with a long password, you will see in this article that it can be very easy to hack a WiFi account.

When a hacker attacks a WiFi network, he looks at how the key has been encrypted. WEP keys are easier to crack than WP2 keys. Since the source of the WiFi signal is broadcast by the box, the device itself would be an excellent target to be hacked. However, the routers of the boxes are regularly updated with certain parameters to prevent the routers from being attacked via brute force. However, the flaws still exist and hackers take advantage of them.

The most basic form of protection is WEP encryption. In recent years it has become a dangerous option because of its vulnerability since it can be quickly hacked. Although this is the case, many boxes still use this type of protection.

As for the WPA which is an alternative security, it will be necessary to find the sentence which corresponds to the WiFi key. You will then have to use a WiFi key simulator which can thus pretend to connect and interrogate the box to retrieve the WiFi code.

Otherwise, there are other solutions such as the attack by the dictionary or by the password generator. Today's computers are powerful enough to find the WiFi password in just a few minutes.

Of course, before they tried to start hacking, hackers made sure to measure the protection so they could adjust their tools. Hacking WiFi passwords is not just for hackers, it can also be used by the owner of the network to test the security of the network.

To hack a WiFi key without being a hacker with great computer knowledge, there is software that can hack for you.

Find WiFi password
Here is how to hack a
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If you are an IT professional, here is a list of methods that can help you hack a WiFi network. These techniques are commonly used by hackers:

Data extractor software

Hack WiFi password extract data

There are malicious programs, which when installed on a computer device, allow their users to be able to collect data that comes from the infected device. Data extractors can work in different ways. There are data extractors that can work remotely using WiFi or Bluetooth. The goal is obviously to exploit security flaws present in the communication network or in the devices used for data transmission. It is a relatively complicated technique, it essentially requires a good knowledge of the hardware and software of the devices concerned.

There is also the data extraction method which can be done through USB cables. As we certainly know, USB cables are not only used to charge the phone. They also allow you to transfer files and receive them. Therefore, cybercriminals can simply exploit vulnerabilities that are present in a cable in order to extract data from the connected device. Since we are used to charging our smartphones by connecting them to charging stations in public places or to terminals such as computers, it is not uncommon for this to turn into an opportunity that can be exploited by hackers to steal your credentials.

Password theft

Hack WiFi password on smartphone

The password may be stolen in order to gain access to the WiFi network. It is not uncommon that when using a wireless network, we can for example save the connection in order to be able to access this WiFi automatically. Therefore, the secret code is also saved. To successfully steal the password correctly, without using malware, it will be necessary to physically access the device that has already connected.

When it comes to an Android smartphone for example, just go to the settings and access the part allowing you to generate a QR code. This feature was created with the aim of allowing the user to access WiFi without putting in extra effort. It is also possible to take a picture of the QR code to be able to use it later.

It is also possible to steal the password by creating a fake WiFi Hotspot. Indeed, by imitating the name of the already existing WiFi, the hacker will ensure that the user connects to the WiFi believing that it is his. Once connected, the hacker will then try to save the user's network password. The hacker will only have to use it to connect this time to the real WiFi network.

Use password sharing

Sharing WiFi connection password

In a show of solidarity, it happens that users of digital services set up computer programs with the aim of being able to share the passwords of WiFi accounts recovered almost everywhere. It's a kind of community or forum where passwords are shared to allow potential interested parties to use them. For example, there are such applications on the Play Store or even under the AppStore. Which means you don't have to be an IT specialist. All you have to do is download the application and hope that one of the people who are on this space can help you obtain the password you are looking for.


Stalkerwares hacking WiFi

These are monitoring software and there are all kinds. It is also possible to obtain it from official application stores such as the Google play store or the Apple AppStore. Stalkerware makes it possible to follow the activity of a person on a computer device, for example the smartphone. When installed on the victim's device, the hacker has to be patient and wait for the victim to connect to their WiFi network. By entering the password, for example, you can easily collect the data that interests you. The advantage with this kind of application is that it is easy to hide it, especially if the person you are targeting is close.

Resetting the router

WiFi router reset

Let's just say that it is a technique that has its limits. However if, for example, you are unable to access the WiFi key in one way or another, it is possible to use the default password for it. Almost all routers from the same manufacturer have the same default passwords. But before using the router's default password, it is necessary to initiate its reset. But for that you must have physical access to it. It's impossible to access it remotely because the reset button is on the back of most routers.

System flaws

WiFi security breach

There is still a flaw in the system. The router remains hardware with its vulnerabilities. Whether critical or minor, there is always a design flaw that can be exploited. Indeed, there are hackers who have specialized in WiFi flaws. Notably the APT41 hacker group. Typically, vulnerabilities in firmware (referring to a computer program that operates hardware such as a router by giving it instructions) are the most exploited. And there are cybercriminals who specialize in finding these kinds of security vulnerabilities.

Social engineering

social engineering hack WiFi password

In the field of account hacking, it is clearly a must. Social engineering is the practice of using this social interaction with a person in order to extract information necessary for their own hacking. If there is one thing that should be remembered in this practice of cyber malevolence, it is that the person who practices social engineering is necessarily someone who is close to us. It can be a contact on Facebook or Instagram with whom we have become accustomed to discussing at length. The potential people in the best position to practice social engineering in this scenario are parents or co-workers. The objective is to ask fairly simple questions, which will gradually push the individual to say things that can be used as passwords. Of course, as we know, users tend to use passwords that are immediately related to their habits so that they are not easily forgotten. And it is precisely on this facility that account hacking using social engineering is based.


Hack WiFi spidering

We are talking about a technique that strongly resembles social engineering. However, the setting is completely different. Indeed, the technique of the spider will consist in rather establishing a profile of use of the computer tools of the victim. Unlike the previous technique which requires social interaction, this one can definitely do without it. In the majority of cases, the hacker prefers to observe the victim from afar or on social networks in order to get to know him better. It must be said that spidering is most often used against large organizations. Their network being much more profitable to hack than that of a personal WiFi. However, we cannot deny it, it is something that requires a lot of patience and a very acute sense of analysis.

Data Leak

WiFi passwords data leaks

One thing is certain, no organization is immune to data leaks. Everyone can be hacked because without even knowing it, your identification data may have leaked somewhere, leaving people with bad intentions to have access to it. There are spaces, forums or sites sharing data because of these data leaks. Some also trade in it. Data leaks occur for different reasons, either because of a computer hacking that was suffered by the telephone operator, by the Internet service provider or because of a computer programming error. One thing is certain, the user is rarely responsible for a data leak. However, hackers are constantly on the lookout. They wait for any opportunity to dig into data and use it against users. In the era of artificial intelligence and Big Data, data leaks are real boons for cybercriminals.

How to know if a WiFi is hacked?

How to hack WiFi

When your WiFi router is affected by a computer hack, there are obviously several unmistakable indications:

  • Slow internet connection:
    • Having several devices connected to your Hotspot or your router consumes a lot of bandwidth, which obviously has the immediate consequence of slowing down your internet connection. This will happen when someone is using the same network as you. Which means you have to be totally mindful on this point.

  • Frequent hijacking of your connections to other websites:
    • Indeed when people manage to hack your WiFi network, they can install a set of systems that will hijack your connections in order to be able to trap you. This can be classic session hijacking by the man-in-the-middle attack or by DNS cache poisoning. As soon as you notice this kind of situation, you must react immediately.

  • Your Internet usage is too high:
    • Obviously, if other people use your connection, it is clear that the volume of data consumed will be higher than if you are alone. This is why it is important to keep an eye on your Internet consumption to know if there are unjustified peaks.

  • The appearance of strange computer programs on your device:
    • When you are at a certain level and you observe computer programs that you did not install yourself, be suspicious and get rid of them, if this is not intimately linked to the operation of your device because it It can probably be software that is used to hijack WiFi connection.

How to protect yourself?

One important thing to remember when you feel like you've been hacked is to remember to reset your router. This will have the benefit of restoring the system to its original state. However, please respect these main rules:

  • Do not make the router visible
    • There are WiFi transmission devices today that can hide their visibility. You should check if yours is capable of this or when buying your router, make sure it meets these requirements. Obviously, you will have to remember the name and enter it manually in the WiFi search bar to be able to connect. But if it is not visible, this will protect you because the hacker cannot attack a WiFi network of which he is unaware.

  • Change login credentials
    • When your device is reset, it works with the default password. This password in question is similar with several other similar devices. It is for this reason that one of your reflexes is to immediately change the login credentials. Make sure you are disciplined and use a strong password. It is not recommended to write it down on a piece of paper because you can lose it. If possible, use a password manager to help you remember it.

  • Avoid remote control of your WiFi
    • Indeed, being able to remotely control your router exposes you to a risk insofar as your smartphone is affected by monitoring software. The hacker can find a way to access certain login information or simply steal it

  • Run firmware update
    • It will always be necessary to remain informed about the evolution and the discovery of security updates. As we mentioned above, there are vulnerabilities that can be used to hack you. The discovery of these security vulnerabilities is done gradually. This means that at any time, updates may be made available to you in order to improve your security. In this condition, it is therefore important to run the released and available patches. Do not postpone it to a later date as it may be detrimental to you.

  • Set up a guest network
    • The guest network distinguishes the type of access to your WiFi router. With this distinction, you can determine which devices should not access your main network. Thanks to this it is possible to isolate the devices of the people you have invited. By doing this isolation, the person cannot deploy malware that can directly affect the main network including your router. This is very useful especially when your friends' device is infected with malware and nobody knows about it. Protection then becomes spontaneous. It can also help you isolate devices connected to the Internet, indeed, computer protection is not a real certainty. Connected objects such as televisions, coffee machines or other devices are also known to be very vulnerable to attacks. This protection is therefore not negligible.

  • Encrypt your WiFi
    • It is possible to take encryption measures regarding the WiFi connection. If there are several categories, it is advisable to mainly use WPA 3 (WiFi Protected Access version 3) support. It is known for enabling AES-grade network encryption, which happens to be the best around. However, not all routers are compatible with this type of encryption. This is also why you must be careful when you get this kind of computer device.

  • Protect your WiFi with security software
    • The router is still a computer terminal with its security flaws. The same applies to the use of this router. It is therefore useful, even necessary, to have a suitable computer program for its security. In a way, you can get different kinds of software protections. It can be partly a connection firewall that will make sure that you don't download anything from the web when you access some unreliable websites. It can also be an antivirus typically adapted to the router. Protect yourself and of course there is no shortage of offers. You have the option of having security programs free or with paid subscriptions. Of course, this will clearly depend on your use.