APT41, a group of Chinese hackers discovered

APT41, a group of Chinese hackers discovered

August 19, 2019 Off By admin

Recently a group of hackers was discovered. This group calls itself APT 41. It is known to operate in different countries, 15 in total.

This group makes its specialty cybercrime and very recently it is France that is its target. According to the information received, this group has been active for more than 7 years. The group's criminal activities were revealed by a computer security specialist who officiates at the computer security and cyber security institution under the name "Fireye".

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According to Fireye' information, it is a group of Chinese hackers, and he is responsible for various criminal operations carried out around the world for 7 years now, against state institutions or international organizations in 15 different countries.

It is characterized by an excellent organization and is said to be the expert, supported by the Chinese state of the Chinese state. The goal is indeed and often has a spying character, including the sponsor of the is not defined but is probably the country of origin. Their field action is broad, including the video games, media and video games sectors. Industries.

According to Sandra Joyce, vice president of Fireye's intelligence operations department, they are very agile and competent and certainly very powerful. Their relative mobility between financial and technical objectives as well as policy one of the most dangerous pirate groups in the world.

The idea that APT 41 would conduct espionage on behalf of the Chinese state is in the minds of all political leaders and Fireye does not exclude it at all.

The security institution says it would be virtually impossible for the group to have managed to escape China's surveillance and control for so long and easily. Victims of this group of hackers is usually divided between France, and Italy, Japan, the Netherlands Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong, etc. In this regard, Sandra Joyce said: "APT41 is unique among the players connected to China that we follow, because it uses tools (non-public malware) typically reserved for cyberespionage campaigns in what appears to be activities for purely financial purposes."

In practice, hacking operations of the Chinese hacker group so far, have affected much more in the education and health sector. It should be noted that APT 41 would have compromised hundreds of security systems and installed several backdoors. The tactic is very simple. They use employees vulnerable firms they attack, usually through methods classic Phishing of Trojans or computer worms what is most worrying is that they are able to adapt continuously to security updates. In other words, we can now redo a system to fight attacks and the next day they put that back on.

The struggle is on and the authorities are gradually beginning to mobilize.

Isn't it already too late? One wonders…

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