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Hackers have more than one trick in their bag

How to crack Yahoo password?

If you're in a delusional situation or just wondering if it's possible to crack a Yahoo password, then this article is for you!

Recently, Yahoo has experienced a big experience of hacking with over billion email addresses and passwords. This proves that no system, even for large companies that have advanced protection and who pay millions of dollars per year, is immune to a hack.

Nothing is infallible! Anything that has a username and password can be hacked. Why? Just because they are registered somewhere in a database. Even if it is encrypted, there is always a way to decrypt the information.

How do they do ?

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Hackers use advanced techniques that are often impossible to unmask. Indeed, these little boys geniuses do not live in the dark, hidden as the media let us believe and they do not have powerful computers as in the TV shows... they have most of the time one or two computers on their desk and they use tools found on the Internet.

But it is still necessary to know how to use them correctly. Hackers are usually self made man, which means they have learned everything on their own. Some started hacking at age 9 and others at age 16.

Each year, they organize a hack contest where young people meet and challenge each other. These meetings allow them to discover new hacking opportunities and exchange tips they use. They are not all blackhats! Some are even professional hackers, they find loopholes in business systems and then report them to IT directors for correction.

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