Yahoo hacking, billions of corrupt accounts

Yahoo hacking, billions of corrupt accounts

September 5, 2019 Off By admin

after to buy the entertainment firm Yahoo Computer, the new boss who is another telecom giant, Verizon, made a discovery Exceptional. There was no question of a billion accounts that were hacked as Yahoo claimed, but rather all accounts.

In this case it is known that in 2016 the American giant Yahoo had announced that it had been the victim of a computer attack that affected more than 1 billion accounts. An attack that goes back since 2013 three years before the announcement. Whereas in truth it was all of its users that amounted to 3 billion account that had been corrupted.

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and it is recalled that the firm had sent notification emails to its users who had been affected by the attack. But it was only after investigations conducted by experts hired by Verizon after the takeover of the group, that it was discovered the extent of the damage. "In the wake of the acquisition of Yahoo! by Verizon, and as a result of its integration, the company has recently obtained new information and now believes, after investigation with the help of outside scientific experts, that all Yahoo accounts were affected by the August 2013 flight" said a Verizon spokesperson.

the discovery of this undisclosed point has even nearly caused the last steps in Verizon's purchase of Yahoo. But following a reduction, the activities of the American web giants were sold cheaper than expected. According to the information that came to us as a result of the case, "the hackers allegedly stole phone numbers, dates of birth, safety issues and their answers and snippets of scrambled passwords but neither the words of banking data, nor information related to the means of payment to which account owners use the company's continues to work closely with law enforcement" Yahoo.

the American group on this subject has not changed its version since 2013, the idea according to which the bank data had not been affected. However, this did not prevented the 2014 attack in which some users were affected by the theft of personal data. This time it was more than 500 million people who have had their accounts hacked and their data stolen.

This discovery of 3 billion corrupt accounts could not fall any worse, especially at a time when the controversy of Russian interference continues to clash. Indeed, taking into account various accusations against the Kremlin, which allegedly hacked into American computer systems in order to favor Donald Trump in the 2016 US election. In our context, if hacking has always been blamed on Russian hackers, the extent of the damage could be enormous. Especially since U.S. intelligence agencies have repeatedly claimed that Russia was behind attacks on U.S. computer systems. In the same vein several computer attacks against many systems to the example of the firm Equifax are concerned. The culprits are still on the run, and authorities have yet to release any concrete results on Yahoo's hacking investigations.

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