When Android phones are more secure than iPhone

When Android phones are more secure than iPhone

September 5, 2019 Off By admin

Phones with Android systems are starting to be safer than phones under Apple.

That is the observation that has been made in recent times. Indeed, according to cybersecurity practitioners, it will be easier today to hack an iPhone than an Android phone.

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the findings are now more striking especially than Zeroduim, an agency whose speciality is the commercialization of computer attacks, i.e. they mute their hacking skills in the market, has updated recently it's priced in relation to Android and iOS smartphone hacking. on this new tariff we find that the hacking of Android phones costs much more expensive than iOS, which was not the case before. some kind, a hacker who is able to find a security flaw allowing to break into an Android smartphone system without touching it (called "Zero -click") could now be paid up to 2.5 million dollars. On the other hand, the premium for the discovery of hacking by Zero – click on iPhone is about 2 million.

that what is more surprising about this story is that before the tariff update, a flaw discovery on Android was worth only $200,000. Simply to copy the phrase "Android get back on track. »

he about 5 years ago, the iPhone system was considered to be the world's most secure. One of the reasons for the success of iPhones was precisely this, the security of its terminal. Piracy and difficult even in some impossible. What was different for the phones under Android, because of the flexibility of the system and the number suitable for brands which made it difficult to update systems.

but recently, things have begun to change little by little. On the one hand, the first Zeroduim says that today, there are many mobile hacking techniques on iOS. That his box had refused good number of offers that have been offered here and there. The most flaws operating operations would generally be based on the Safari app and the iMessage messaging software. "From a On the other hand, Android's security improves with each new version of the google and Samsung's security teams. This makes it very difficult and tedious to develop chains full-scale operation for Android, and it's even more difficult to develop methods without any user interaction" notified the Boss of Zeroduim.

for cybersecurity firm, the value of iPhones in their market will increase Apple will decide to 'improve the security of iOS and strengthens the most iMessage and Safari."

and it must be admitted that these are not the only reproaches made Apple for a at some point. In addition to the flaw via the Safari app and iMessage, google Project Zero researchers had discovered that it was iPhones via booby-trapped Internet pages. by elsewhere a blunder by the American giant has just made things worse. Indeed their latest update introduced into the iPhone system a vulnerability that had been discovered and corrected previously.

More and more such flaws are being discovered on iPhones, which increasingly tarnishes its popularity and credibility. We are waiting for Apple's reaction to all of this.

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