$1.34 million for an infected laptop

$1.34 million for an infected laptop

December 14, 2019 Off By admin

Last May, there was an exhibition sale in the American city of New York.

This sale was billed as "the most dangerous work in the world", yet it is a work entitled "Persistence of Chaos". In reality, it is not a painting or a sculpture. Rather, it is a laptop that has been corrupted by six of the world's largest malwares in the last 20 years.

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This totally new artistic concept also went with its prize. Indeed, this laptop was sold for $1.34 million. Something that is totally amazing. In any case, it is its designer who will have filled the pockets. For the latter, the aim was to highlight the true impact of computer viruses on our world. The artist explained: "We have this fantasy of thinking that what happens in computers cannot affect us, but it is absurd. Viruses that affect power grids or public infrastructure can cause direct damage." Admittedly, 'he is absolutely right on this point. The malware that has been implanted into the computer has caused considerable damage to the amount of $95 billion. everything is blamed on the global economy.

This suggests that the $1.345 million spent to acquire this computer is a bit paltry. The purchaser of this computer had to commit not to connect his property to any network, because the computer was indeed in working order and we should not create a new contamination when we know that computer viruses never die. Maybe in a sense the message of the designer of this rather unusual product has passed. Given the price that was invested for the acquisition of its computer masterpiece. And it must be admitted, it is without any challenge "the most dangerous work in the world" and it should be better that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

But on our side we can just realize that the virtual as usual is an inevitable source of money.

In a sense we will be able to see the duality that exists today in the cyber environment. Indeed, if on the one hand we have some people who are trying to make money by creating apps, utilities to make life easier. Others are trying to create computer programs to fly and cause time for Autrui. They are very dangerous and unscrupulous. They can destroy years of work, and misbehaving companies for their simple profits Personal.

If the computer danger at this level is now well known. However, we must not hide the fact that there is still a lot of neglect in cybersecurity. Neglect that wants to highlight this computer artist named Guo O Dong with his computer very fresh of very dangerous virus.

Among the 6 most dangerous viruses in the world, there is the Mythical "ILoveYou that shook the United States in 2000" the famous ransomware WannaCry which caused considerable problems in 2017.

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