$10 million: the amount of money required by hackers not to disclose Bouygues Construction data

$10 million: the amount of money required by hackers not to disclose Bouygues Construction data

February 8, 2020 Off By admin

Finally, the hackers behind the Bouygues Construction attack finally came to an end.

He would demand the payment of a $10 million ransom in order not to disclose the French firm's sensitive data.

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Last week on Twitter we could read this message issued by the construction company: "the @Bouygues_C computer network has been victim of an act of cybercrime. Every effort is made to return to normal as soon as possible. We are in close contact with our customers, our partners and the relevant authorities." In a press release, published on 31 January, Bouygues Construction stated: "A ransomware-type viral attack was detected on the computer network of Bouygues Construction on January 30. As a precautionary measure, information has been stopped to prevent any spread. At this hour, teams are fully mobilized for a return to normality quickly possible with the help of experts. The equipment is gradually returned to service after being tested. Operational activity construction sites are not being disrupted to date. All employees are fully mobilized to ensure that the activity continues in order to minimise the impact for our customers and partners. We are in close contact with them and with authorities. The group will make a new point at the beginning of the week ».

On the website specializing in business cybercrime and crime, Zataz, it could be noted that more than 200GB of data have been stolen Bouygues Construction systems. And not to disclose it, knowing that this amount of data necessarily contains sensitive information, cybercriminals demanded payment of $10 million.

We remember well, this computer attack took place at the time of the International Cyber Security Forum which took place in Lille for its 2020 edition in France. Since then the Computer System of the French giant has been locked. According to some experts, the return to normalcy for Bouygues construction may take even longer, or even a month and a half at least. It is then clear that the report issued by Malwarebytes on the quarterly state of computer security in 2019 was totally common sense. Indeed, the resurgence of software is no longer in order. We are talking earlier about an occupation. Hackers are increasingly favouring this strategy because it can pay off big in one go. However, they are out of the usual frame. In fact, they are no longer content to encrypt the data, they now threaten their victims to issue their secrets in case of non-payment of the ransoms demanded. That's what the pirate group maze does. They were the ones who attacked the French group and it was still the source of the attack on the American city of Pensacola. In the past, he had demanded more than $6 million in ransom payments from Southwire, one of North America's largest wire and cable manufacturers.

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