5 steps to take to effectively combat cybercrime strategies

5 steps to take to effectively combat cybercrime strategies

March 28, 2020 Off By admin

since cybercrime has always been something complex.

the hacking techniques are evolving, and cybercriminals are still ongoing beforehand.With this global pandemic which has increased the use of digital services, people are becoming more and more more exposed to hackers. The intensive use of social networks to pass the time, telework for professionals, are create more vulnerability than before. That's why that having good digital hygiene is essential to not being a victim a potential computer attack.

and What makes us vulnerable?

It's the massive use of personal tools for professional purposes, which are generally less protected than professional tools. And in these times of coronavirus, remote work has increased. Unfortunately, the tools are gradually turning into professional tools. The nightmare of the IT security officials. "Computer security is Weakened. It's as if you've been taken out of the castle with all its protections and that you were put in a tent outside," explains, Orange Cyberdefense CEO Michel Van Den Berghe.

then here are 5 essential attitudes to adopt for good digital hygiene.

counsel 1 – Pay attention to correspondence received digitally.

the e-mails are usually the gateway to hackers in the majority of cases of corporate or public piracy. Indeed, the hacker relies on the negligence of the employees to make pass through emails, malware or links Corrupt. This is what makes phishing attacks so. then your first attitude to an email received from an unknown correspondent is to get rid of it without trying to read the content. When you receive a e-mail correspondence from a well-known correspondent, make sure the identity of this correspondent through effective verification. Do not accept any exchange until you are sure 100% of the identity of the person who contacted you. If you are asked to any chance in one of your mails to download a digital document or an application outside of an official platform, don't hesitate to refusing is indeed a trap.

counsel 2 – Update all of these equipment, whether at the operating system or at the level of protection software or other computer programs.

the update is essential. It closes security loopholes a hacker could use to damage your system.

counsel 3 – Use a VPN.

the VPN is an effective tool to leave less trace behind either when remotely accesses our files. On the other hand, it exposes us less and ensures that confidentiality.

counsel 4 – Beware of free tools.

the Free tools are often effective spying programs. If you think you need to use and exchange sensitive data when you're in your avoid free tools. Especially in this time of confinement.

counsel 5 – React immediately if something goes wrong.

Indeed, as soon as you notice any malfunction, or something irregular, do not hesitate to contact your security manager immediately. Indeed, reacting immediately to a malfunction makes it easy to solve the problem before it gets worse.

Tip 6 – Beware of fake news.

Lately, false information has been legion. Indeed, it is very easy today to the individual through information that might interest him. If you receive information promising you a free service or an exceptional discount take the trouble to check the information ready of the official authorities.

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