5 measures to combat ransonware

5 measures to combat ransonware

September 23, 2019 Off By admin

Attack by ransomware, one of the most common forms of computer attacks today.

It is essential today to learn to protect yourself and to fight against it.

Here are some of the steps you must adopt against this threat.

1. Always maintaining up-to-date security system

As we know, to rectify any security flaws that may exist in our systems. Because zero risk never exists and the search for a loophole has now become a well-stocked industry. It is not necessary never neglect that. Constantly updating your system will ensure optimal security. The fixes security are indeed one of your guarantors. Because according to one-third of computer security specialists, companies that have been attacked have been attacked via loopholes security that have not been corrected time or neglect.

2. Change the password of your different access points as soon as you can

According to a study conducted by the computer security company F-secure, one-third of attacks by ransoming software were facilitated by very low password protection. in hackers tend to carry out a "brute force attack" by "brute force" distance. The goal is to break protocols and catch the security system as a whole. and for it to work these have to try several passwords in total chance hoping that it end up working. So if your password is too simple or is the one that has been set to the default system, tell yourself that you are lost.

3. Teach staff to identify suspicious e-mail messages

If you run a business, you need to make sure that your entire team is able to be security guards in their own way. Indeed, several computer hacks have benefited by the lack of knowledge of the computer tool or modern computer intrusion systems. just click on the wrong link and the whole system can get infected.

So you have to show your team when an e-mail message can be desirable or unwanted. Teach him to be wary of emails of questionable provenance. let him know, that you should not open an e-mail message whose exact recipient is unknown. They should also not click on a link without knowing or without the assurance that what is at the end is really what they clicked for.

4. Making it harder to navigate your network

We all know that these kinds of attacks are not aimed at one computer or two. indeed the goal is to bring down an entire network of connected computers in order to take as much data as possible.

So if you're a network manager or a company manager. You have to make your computer system the hardest usable usable. This way they won't be able to go through a computer as they usually do to infect the system as a whole.

5. Determine the most important data and back it up

Another key point in the fight against ransom. You absolutely need to back up your important data. But don't back up any way. indeed you have to find a way to shelter it in case of an attack on your system. This may be on a server outside your company's. Or the cloud. But make sure your potential attackers can't access the backup system. In this way, you can easily access it in case, the whole system succumbs to it.

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