7600 Dark web websites offline after their host's attack

7600 Dark web websites offline after their host's attack

March 30, 2020 Off By admin

This is a second hack in the space of just 16 months.

Accommodation service provider Daniel's Hosting has made a new pirate. The facts have been brought to light since last week, and the consequences are more serious than the first time. Indeed, the immediate consequence of this hacking was to force the largest host of free web service to cease its activities. The hacker behind the attack removed the entire database from the host's portal, thus putting more than 7,600 hidden websites offline.

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According to information gathered host, it is at the beginning of March precisely in the around the 10th of the month, that the information was published on the portal that no longer exists. According to Daniel Winzen, the one originally the back end of the service observed an intrusion. from the hacker was able to delete all the data to ensure the accommodation service. And the hacker didn't just stop there, it has put in place other services that it could use in future actions. And it wasn't until the next day that the supplier realized. at by then almost all of the data was already lost. What is terrible, because this kind of service does not keep backups

The publisher mentioned that he did not know how the hacker managed to break into the back end its program. However, he does not intend to continue the investigation. To tell you the truth, the accommodation service was only a hobby for him, he said. « I am currently very busy with my daily life and other projects, I decided not to spend too much time investigating."

But he later added that the hacking did not directly affect users' accounts who had their websites hosted on his platform. Apparently the cyberattack has affected me only the back end. However, he advises his users to consider all of some of the data such as passwords. So he advises them to proceed changes to their identification mode.

The publisher also announced that for the time, its hosting service on the Dark Web will not be active: "It's a project on my free time, which I do next to my full-time job, and try to keep the server clean against illegal and fraudulent sites requires a lot of time (…) I spend 10 times as much time deleting accountability than to continue development. At the moment, I don't have intend to continue the accommodation project." But he adds that the project is not completely abandoned, although he advises his users to turn to other free hosting services on the Dark web such as Freedom Hosting Reloaded OneHost. However, a return is foreseen. "I still plan to relaunch the service at a later date with new features and improvements (…) Not having to administer services all the time will hopefully give me more time for the real development. However, it may be months before I am ready to revive it. he wanted to clarify.

As a reminder, when it first hacked in November 2018, the hosting service lost more than 6,500 websites at the time, after a hacker managed to take control of the database server.

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