Adopt a thoughtful attitude towards phishing

Adopt a thoughtful attitude towards phishing

September 13, 2020 Off By admin

Cybersecurity today at the heart of all business development strategies.

At this level, it is important to focus much more on awareness because the lack of knowledge of the computer security sector causes more problems than the flaws in computer tools or security. Emmanuel Schalit, co-founder and CEO of Dashlane, said: "Your company's awareness of the most common threats and best practices will help mitigate the risks your company is exposed to through its employees. Without a thoughtful approach to security that fits in with time, your organization may end up being the next victim of data theft. ».

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So we have in this article, we will give you some elements related to protection against phishing. As a prelude here are the signs that can detect a possible phishing attack.

1- Introducing a sense of urgency

Phishing is generally based on the establishment of a sense of urgency. Hackers will propose something to do or require action by limiting the possibility to a short period of time. In other words, when you receive an SMS or email asking you to do something or confirm an option or connection, and this in a short time, take your time, analyze the message, and if possible inquire with the appropriate services

2- The general nature of the messages sent

As part of a phishing campaign, the hacker tends to send millions of messages either by SMS or email. This means that when you receive message that doesn't contain your name, automatically beware and adopt a verification procedure. If the name of a structure is mentioned, do not hesitate to contact it by another route. The question of character in general also concerns the lack of a greeting that is addressed directly to you. In this case always remain wary

3- A non-compliant email address

Obviously phishing campaigns usually go through illegal contact systems. In other words this is certainly true my messages or emails from unofficial address. Then the email will come personal account or even a spoofed account, in the syntax different from that of the real account. So when dealing with messages of a dubious nature, try to contact the company or organization concerned to better inform you about the procedure to follow. This is the best solution in this context otherwise you also expose yourself to data theft.

4- Errors in the composition of messages

It is not uncommon to see errors in the composition of phishing messages. Whether it's spelling or grammar errors, you'll find them in messages meant to fool you. This means that you will need to be thorough when reading emails to messages that encourage you to initiate online conversation.

Moreover, it must be said that this kind of man with the security of information systems or the data of Internet users is not without signs. Indeed, there is always something that makes it possible to know that things are not going well. You should then be alert and control your reports. In this context, Emmanuel Schalit proposes: "In order to increase employee awareness of these practices and avoid falling victim to them, companies should consider carrying out tests: creating fake phishing emails (and websites if possible) that will then be sent to employees. Doing this test will help employees better understand the different forms such an attack can take, better identify signals, and emphasize the importance of avoiding clicking on a suspicious link. ». Indeed, thanks to a recent study by the Pokémon Institute, it was recognized that phishing attack simulations had the immediate impact, increased vigilance on the part of employees who were confronted with this and allowed companies to obtain a return on investment of nearly 40%. This compares to traditional strategies related to cybersecurity training.

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