What if the Huawei phone could install despite all the apps Google banned for it?

What if the Huawei phone could install despite all the apps Google banned for it?

October 16, 2019 Off By admin

In early October, a website housed in China would have manually installed Android-type applications on the Mate 30 phone of Chinese giant Huawei, launched on September 30.

This was possible because there could be a back door in this phone to escape the US ban. However this site has been closed.

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It all started on the social media site reddit on which has been published a link now to another website called LZPlay. On the latter site, it's at offer a computer program called GMS: "This installation program GMS (Google Mobile Services) is ad-free, well-designed and works ONLY for Huawei devices," explained one user already spent on this site.

We all know that Huawei's new Mate 30 launched last September works under an open source version of Android, which is what allows them not to fall under the restrictions made by the U.S. government. However terminal unfortunately could not benefit from some preinstalled Google applications such as YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail. This problem arises, we remember this intervention of the U.S. President Donald Trump who for some time accuses the Chinese company of participating with its home state in the spying of users of its terminals.

And while the U.S. government has categorized Chinese society as a threat to national security, it then calls on all U.S. allies to do the same. Although this accusation has been denied several times by Huawei, Google was one of the first companies to end its collaboration with the Chinese company. Google's withdrawal seriously undermines the Chinese giant's ambitions in the market outside China. The latter have lost all access to the Google update.

It is surely in a logic detoured for combat this fact that the LZPlay website is using a door which was not documented in the software system for managing Huawei's mobile devices to enable the installation of software It's Google. This is a researcher who unveiled is done on his blog on the Tuesday following the presentation of the mate 30 "At this point, it is quite clear that Huawei is familiar with this LZPlay app and explicitly allows it to exist," said then researcher John Wu. "Although this "backdoor" requires User interaction, installation app, which is signed with a special certificate from Huawei, obtained privileges not found on classic Android systems," he explained.

For its part, the Chinese City through a spokeswoman has totally denied being in any connection with the site Internet concerned. "Huawei's latest Mate 30 series is not pre-installed GMS, and Huawei has no involvement with www.lzplay.net," she said. Announced.

Google, The American company has not yet reacted to this state of events, to believe that it did not really bother her. However, it was discovered that the website following some investigations was registered exactly in July 2019, two months before the launch of the Chinese firm's matte 30 range. it is not to stoke a conspiracy theory but it is not at all fortuitous. It's obvious. So far the website editors have not yet been found.

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