Banking and telecommuting, a combination that is very difficult to pass according to financial institution officials

Banking and telecommuting, a combination that is very difficult to pass according to financial institution officials

March 20, 2020 Off By admin

According to several officials who have been questioned on the issue, the coronavirus pandemic makes all their work even more difficult, as it is the same surely anywhere else. "Telework is difficult for banks (…) Health is obviously our priority, but having 100% of employees in telework is very difficult," says the spokesperson of the International Bank in Luxembourg.

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The disease that infected almost the the world does not simply have health consequences. On the professionally and technically, the various players are also on the brink of crisis. A large part of the companies is forced to re-engineer its regular telework work. And to be honest, this system of work distance is not something very easy for some coordination and efficiency so required at certain levels. And among the most affected are Banks. The main problem has been the issue of security. Customer and institutional data are, through the most more exposed distance work than before. If the bank's spokesperson Luxembourg International Law firmly states: "We must also guaranteeing banking security and data protection" even note that the task will not be as easy. And this can be seen through the various calls for distrust of the sector's oversight committee which, since the beginning of this case, has repeatedly warned financial institutions increase their level of security. "To the extent that ill-intentioned people seek to take advantage of the current environment, where financial actors are focused primarily on protecting their employees."

Banks, on the other hand, organize themselves as they can, even if the task is more difficult than expected: "Employees who have children have already been able to take family leave. Those who suffer from a decline in their activity and who wish to do so can take paid or unpaid leave. Our goal is for as many employees as possible to work from home," explains the spokesperson of the Luxembourg International Bank. From now on, more than 300 employees work from home more intensively. The same is true of BGL BNP Paribas, which has also meant that remote work is used for part of its workforce. However, some of their employees will continue to work in the office but return to several sites in order to avoid a strong clumping: "They can then not come to another site," explains BIL. In particular, we have opened our rescue centre like the other banks, which is premises that we do not normally use."However, the bank highlights the fact that employees have been made aware of the simplest possible hygiene actions necessary to prevent the spread of the virus. The dining halls have been closed and under certain conditions video conferencing methods and instant messaging services are preferred to avoid direct contact as much as possible. If the bank remains open to receive its customers under certain conditions they require, it continues to raise awareness so that the latter can use digital solutions as carefully as possible and to visit their site only in an extreme emergency.

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