Aix-Marseille-Provence, a victim of a computer attack, boom of cyberattacks during last week

Aix-Marseille-Provence, a victim of a computer attack, boom of cyberattacks during last week

March 24, 2020 Off By admin

Another umpteenth computer attack on a public community.

We have to admit that we are in the middle of it, the period of the cyberattack. The coronavirus pandemic has captured so much attention that today, hackers are on the rise. Last week, the municipality of And Aix Marseille Provence notified by public that it had been the victim of a computer attack. A statement deemed more or less alarming read: "Since this morning, the infrastructure of the Metropole has been the subject of a massive and widespread cyberattack, which has paralyzed a large part of its equipment, including in the territories. ». According to the municipality, the computer attack was the classic ransomware process. As the community system is being held hostage, hackers have not yet made contact to give their demands.

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and it is not just Aix Marseille Provence. On March 18, it was the turn of the National Information Systems Security Agency to issue a communiqué to alarm public opinion on the issue. in computer attacks have gained momentum in recent days. concerning the attack on Provence, it read: "The origin of these attacks is unknown to date and analyses are currently underway. However, ransomware attacks are usually conducted opportunistically motivated by lucrative goals." Since the beginning of the year, the national cybersecurity agency reports that it has registered almost 18 ransomware incidents. As a result, all these attacks on opportunists. And this continues, given the circumstance, especially " Via false emails from health authorities, false internal notes in companies or false delay-delivery alerts, cybercriminals are trying around the world to exploit the fear of pandemic to infiltrate the computer networks of companies and companies Special. ».

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there have been several hacking attempts initiated through identity theft. It is surely for this reason that everyone is asked to avoid reading certain correspondences "of unknown origin, unusual appearance or fraudulent".

In support, there has also been an upsurge in the theft of financial data. Thus, Anssi tries its best to help the victims. "We have seen an explosion in requests for assistance since Tuesday evening (Editor's note: 17 March) of around 400%, and almost all of them are linked to coronavirus. (…) People come to us to find help and depending on the incident, we either advise them, or we send them back to the service or, in case of hacking, we put them in contact with a provider," says Jérôme Notin, agent of the French gendarme. He added: "The crooks who do this have no morals, and to make money they will have no qualms about blocking hospitals. ».

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