Can we trust the biometric security system of smartphones?

Can we trust the biometric security system of smartphones?

October 29, 2019 Off By admin

For a few months now, the most popular smartphones have started to show security flaws in the biometric security system.

From the iPhone to Samsung to Google's pixel, which can present a crucial problem with the use of facial recognition systems or fingerprints.

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If the goal of this system is to prevent anyone from having access to the content of their smartphone, we must admit that this is not really a success at the moment.

For some time now, biometric security has expanded to the detriment of passwords. It is almost impossible to find today on a new model of smartphone that does not carry a facial recognition system or even a fingerprint reader. These are biometric security devices that can also help protect applications with bank references, or also help in securing online payments via the Play store or the Apple App store. However, if security seems to have increased compared to the old password system, note that a series of incidents, which took place not too long ago, leads us to question the reliability of these methods.

To begin with, let's start with the case of Samsung, recently it was discovered that the fingerprint reader, embedded in several series of phones of this brand, had some technical failures. Indeed it is possible to fool the fingerprint reader with other fingerprints that are not in the database with the use of a simple silicone protection. Indeed, an Englishwoman has reported a problem at this level.

After using silicone screen protection, the fingerprint reader has become completely vulnerable because even fingerprints are not registered, you can unlock your phone. While Korean Samsung users have been able to get a security fix since October 23, other users around the world are still waiting for the patch. And on this side it is not the first time that this happens. Indeed because in 2017 we remember that only one photo was enough to fool the reader for facial recognition of the Galaxy S8.

On the Google side it comes with the new releases of the American brand the pixel 4,the new smartphones of the American giant that was strongly inspired by FACE ID iPhone. Its sophistication makes it possible to make facial recognition even at night. And worse than that, this facial recognition is possible even with your eyes closed. This is where Google's pixel 4 flaw is located. The problem is that with this ability to unlock their phone with their eyes closed, it is possible that a person will have the contents of their smartphone stolen while they sleep or while unconscious, for example. Although Google has also promised a fix to Samsung's example, these flaws remain and challenge as many people as possible.

the Bug revealed on Apple's side is related to its biometric protection system too. For example, there has been a kid who managed to unlock the iPad 11 pro of his parents who was protected by facial recognition of the FACE ID system. and after several tests the same device refused several times to lock and even after have to operate the watch key. even though officially Apple says doesn't having heard of this problem it is real.

No matter how well this security system is, caution must always be required. Biometric security is not foolproof. And even if it was supposed to be the famous replacement of passwords, it must be admitted that much effort remains to be realized.

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