The death of Microsoft Windows 7 is near

The death of Microsoft Windows 7 is near

October 29, 2019 Off By admin

In January 2020, that is, about 3 months from now, Windows 7 will stop being a priority for the American firm that designed it.

Indeed Microsoft has announced that it will stop all technical assistance to its operating system from that date. In other words, the U.S. company will no longer provide a security patch or update in the event of a security breach. That's why some say it's the deadline for the death of Windows 7 because from that moment on this system will become a risky system.

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In light of this, the U.S. firm advises Windows 7 users to migrate to Windows 10. The new date for the interruption of technical media to Windows 7 is January 14, 2020. Windows 10 is waiting for its new users, which already has about 900 million worldwide.

It should be noted that Windows 7 will continue to operate, however there are will have a shutdown of any "extended support" Windows 7 service pack 1. So more update, no more security patch in case of a breach. Beyond the date that it would be risky to always use this system. However, the pro and company versions of Windows 7 will be able to receive updates over a period of 3 years, favouring paid support.

In fact, there's nothing to stop Microsoft even after the date from making a few updates if they want to. We know that this kind of case came with Windows XP, a few years ago. We remember that in 2017, because of the wave of computer attacks via the Wannacry software, Microsoft had updated all these systems even the oldest to which it had promised to no longer provide technical assistance. The U.S. company in July 2019 had re-offended with a new update for Windows XP to fill a security flaw during the patch tuesday. It is recalled that since 2014 Microsoft announced that it will no longer be able to provide support to Windows XP.

For Windows 7 it's a different story. As of January 13, 2015, Microsoft was expected to stop all "standard support" support to Windows 7, i.e. any input that could improve the operating system's functionality, and it was noted that for quite some time no new features had been added to Windows 7.

What could please seasoned Windows 7 users is that computer program publishers such as browsers where antivirus on their side will continue to technically assist their software, which is expected to extend over 2 to 3 years even after the parent company's shutdown. In conclusion the OS will not stop turning overnight.

But on the drivers' side, it is clear that users will have a lot of problems with their installation. This leads us to say that it is better to be careful and migrated for more security of your data. To facilitate the migration of windows 7 to Windows 10 users, Microsoft has promised that it will be done free of charge provided of course that its users already have a license valid for the old OS.

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