How do you secure connected businesses?

How do you secure connected businesses?

October 29, 2019 Off By admin

The industrial sector has seen the proliferation of tools used that have become increasingly dependent on the Internet.

Connecting networked devices has facilitated many activities for many businesses. In the same way, its activities have also opened loopholes to undermine the security of services and systems. The Internet has become a double-edged sword for all these companies. In order to hope to effectively protect all companies that have decided to migrate to more convincing digital solutions, we need to put ourselves in a position to first detail the risks and a strategy that can contain the increasingly regular attacks.

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For Thierry Notot, an engineer and cybersecurity specialist at Socomec, it is necessary to know how to understand and protect yourself in advance of computer attacks. He will make a distinction first between IT and OT: "There are two types of networks: the IT the Office network, office, on which we connect easily secure standard PC and the OT, a process network on which we will connect machines, meters, IoT sensors etc. (…) While security is important for the first network, the second has many flaws. ».

Indeed, one can understand this approach by the fact that several devices are often designed to be used for ten years, putting their security system is not among the priorities during the design. Unfortunately, this makes most of these devices quite vulnerable to computer hacking.

the other weakness that can be revealed about the security of devices in the corporate governance system. there is usually no one companies to take care of the security aspect.

concerning solution, we need to understand them as simply as possible. If there is no such thing as zero risk, there must always be a seek to minimize risk. It starts with the training of its agents. For it would be necessary to first teach staff to have the right attitudes in the right Places. Because as is commonly said by security experts "When it comes to cybersecurity, the first flaw is the human ». But the engineer nevertheless recalls: "It's not a question of making a training, but to put in place a real process where verifies that the information has been integrated, even if it means repeating it on a regular basis."

The second point, with regard to security, it would be necessary to constantly take stock of the situation of computer systems to really know what the status of connected devices is. This will let you know exactly what your weaknesses and strengths are, as well as the potential attacks you've been through. Risk analysis is one of the priorities not to be overlooked.

Encryption is one of the most recommended alternatives as well as authentication protection for traceability of connections in internal enterprise systems. moreover, the budget for cyber security must be a fairly coherent budget that meets the real needs of the company, taking into account its position and ambitions. However, we must avoid: "the security overbid means putting hyper-secure products when the risk is low" explained Thierry Notot.

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