Cybercrime and misinformation, two other consequences of the health crisis

Cybercrime and misinformation, two other consequences of the health crisis

April 17, 2020 Off By admin

The French senators decided to call on the government to set up a "cyber reaction force" to help combat false information commonly known as "Fake news" and to stop attempts at intimidation and emanating from foreign powers through a strategy deployment to influence, but ambiguously.

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In its study, which was released on April 16, yesterday, the Senate highlights the side effects of the health crisis that are other than health concerns."Since the beginning of the health crisis, the "all digital" race has significantly increased exposure to computer risk. It requires the protection of information systems in the social sector, the wider dissemination of "digital barrier gestures" and communication on the most common cyber crimes to deal with the explosion of cyber malice and the risk of computer espionage. ».

The French senators highlight the fact that the explosion in the use of digital services has allowed certain powers to develop strategies of influences considered ambiguous and in some contexts aggressive. In particular, he alludes to China, which, like many others, would allow itself to extol the merits of their social organization, which has facilitated the fight against coronavirus, even if it means using false or truncated information. The elected representatives believe that the objective of such practices would clearly show the need to apply them in the global fight of coronavirus, by showing that other states have not acted properly and putting pressure on public opinion to push their implications in the management of the crisis. Clearly, the global pandemic has created a communication war between different institutions. A war of criticizing, denigrating, or influencing the story that is unfolding. Coronavirus is no longer a health issue. Its spread to cause a political rift and increased tensions that already existed. This is evident when, on 14 April, the Chinese ambassador was summoned by the French Foreign Minister, who expressed his disapproval during their interview of the methods used by the Chinese state in its communication and influence strategy.

The report also highlighted the danger of information systems run by health institutions. The idea is to remind you that these institutions need to be better protected. In view of the recent attacks and the number of attacks suffered only 2019 according to figures provided by the National Information Systems Security Agency (18 attacks by Ransomwares). Since the beginning of the crisis, some establishments such as the AP-HP (Paris) the AP-HM in Marseille or the public health institution of Lomagne (Gers), which have suffered attacks by denial of services.

In addition, 8 million people have converted to telework. A professional switch that was not expected. These changes are much more likely to benefit cybercriminals, who will take it to heart. Since the beginning of March, attempts to break into companies' information systems have increased. Phishing hacking is on the call with thousands of attempts every day. "Cyber-attackers immediately exploited the environmental concern by multiplying phishing operations. Online sales sites offering medicines, masks, hydro-alcoholic gels and other health products have proliferated, with the aim, in addition to a scam for sale, of recovering bank card numbers. expresses the report.

But beyond all it is computer hacking, the French think that there is a possibility that behind all this, if there are underlying activities of economic espionage in progress. In particular, it highlights the proliferation of attacks on ransom programs, which are no longer just taking through the information system, but also stealing certain confidential information. "There is also evidence that this increased vulnerability facilitates economic espionage. they note.

In the end, elected officials are demanding more action from the government. For the post-crisis crisis will mark a major upheaval of political and economic considerations.

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