Cybersecurity as a culture

Cybersecurity as a culture

October 17, 2020 Off By admin

In one of these recent speeches on the state of computer security in Quebec, the director of the National Computer Security Agency, Naoufel Frikha, said: "Computer security is above all, a culture of use! ».

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It is in fact practical is not limited to a set of protocols and technicality. It is not simply based on computer tools. There is also the behaviour and the way of apprehending certain situations which strongly impacts its definition. Which means no regulation no prohibition my requirements will be able to protect anyone if the measures imposed cannot be or are not respected. This then means the direct involvement of all the players. To this end, the director of the National Agency for Computer Security noted: "Many people consider that security is limited only to a technical problem, forgetting the organizational plan and the culture of use. So if you lose your login/password or send an email to the wrong person, it becomes problematic."

In passing, the official was keen to point out what role the institution that is placed on its command plays. The National Agency for Computer Security aims to ensure the computer security of the national area against cyber risks such as cyber attacks or intrusion, theft of sensitive and confidential data, etc.

Depending on its statutory and certain regulations, the National Computer Security Agency can carry out general checks of the computer systems and networks of all public and even private agencies. "To achieve these goals, ANSI offers monitoring, regular alerts, advice and even scalable open source tools that have proven effective in countering attacks! stresses the first person in charge of the structure. "If you take the example of an operating system. It must obey a well-defined life cycle and, as it evolves, the risks increase. In this sense, the "watch" and "responsiveness" aspect are two of the most important elements that must be taken into account! notes Naoufel Frikha.

The Director-General also means that the security aspect also affects the sensitive area of state sovereignty. "In this context, the agency is working to implement the national cybersecurity strategy that includes a range of recommendations such as information integrity and the security of digital platforms, especially as the entire digital ecosystem evolves across all vital sectors of the country," he said.

It notes that each cyberattack is framed in a well-defined area and subject to procedural requirements that differ each time. "On the one hand, cybersecurity attacks are about the technical aspect that requires identifying the flaw and the recommendations that are given to avoid them. Whereas cybercrime, where the word "criminal" is found, this time involves a third person who will be legally pursued."

In addition, the National Computer Security Agency recommends that all users do not neglect security updates. They need to make sure they are always aware of security vulnerabilities to know how to protect themselves from them. He recommends paying much more attention to smartphones that are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals because of their massive use. Especially with all this information they can contain because of its usefulness on a daily basis, (location; addresses; photos, bank accounts, passwords).

"We are the first people responsible for the data we disseminate online. These are reflexes of use that must be acquired beyond the technical tools" concludes the head of the agency. Good hygienic it also helps to significantly reduce cyber risks. To make a wave of awareness, continuously must persist. Because you are never too well informed about the situation. Moreover, the penalties must be much harsher for institutions that manage personal data and do not take the measures they must take to protect it.

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