Millions of medical data still stolen

Millions of medical data still stolen

December 26, 2019 Off By admin

In the week of December 12 of this year, one of Canada's largest laboratory testing service supplies companies officially admitted to paying a ransom to hackers in exchange for the millions of data they stole from them. this data belonged to exactly 15 million customers.

The laboratory testing service provider LifeLabs immediately informed the relevant authorities that it had suffered a severe intrusion into its computer system on 1 November. Based in Ontario specifically in Toronto, the company eventually reported that it suffered a computer attack that hit its system that was responsible for storing apartment data to millions of customers. Among the information that was stolen, he had e-mail addresses, names and surnames, geographical addresses, login credentials such as usernames and passwords, laboratory test numbers and health card numbers.

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Charles Brown, the CEO of LifeLabs, said in a statement that the company has taken several steps to ensure maximum protection of customer information. In this context, it has immediately engaged world-renowned computer security specialists. The goal was to analyze the system and determine how far the attack was carried and then strengthen it further. However, following a collaboration with cybercrime specialists, the company managed to get in touch with the hackers in order to buy back the stolen data.

besides an investigation by the authorities is underway to determine who is really these cyber criminals. "I want to emphasize that our societies are currently cybersecurity authorities have indicated that the risk to our customers in the context of this cyberattack is low and they have found no disclosure public data of customers as part of their investigations, including the monitoring the dark web and other online sites. (…) We've fixed the problems criminal activity and worked around the clock. to put in place additional safeguards to protect your news. In the interests of transparency and in accordance with regulations in terms of confidentiality, we make this announcement to inform all Customers. There is information on about 15 million customers on computer systems that have been potentially accessed violation. The vast majority of these customers are in British Columbia and Ontario, with relatively few customers in the other places. In the case of laboratory test results, our surveys of these systems to date indicate that there are 85,000 customers affected 2016 or earlier in Ontario; we will work to inform these customers directly. Our investigation to date indicates that any information on the map Health dates back to 2016 or earlier. (…) Although you have the right to file a complaint with Privacy Commissioners, we have already informed them of this attack and they are investigating the matter. We have also informed our government partners. (…) Although we have taken action over the past few years, years to strengthen our cyber-defendants, it reminded us that we need to remain at the forefront of cybercrime which has become a pervasive problem worldwide in all sectors. (…) Any customer concerned about this incident can benefit a year of free protection that includes monitoring the dark web and insurance against identity theft." The CEO said.

Asked about this case, the British Columbia Information and Privacy Commissioner said, "I am deeply concerned about this issue. Violation of sensitive personal health information can be devastating for those affected (…) Our independent offices are committed to thoroughly investigating this violation. We will publicly communicate our findings and recommendations once our work is complete."

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