16-year-old hacker allows police to identify rape perpetrators

16-year-old hacker allows police to identify rape perpetrators

December 26, 2019 Off By admin

Guilty of rape and indecent acts on a minor have been identified by the exploits of a 16-year-old hacker.

The events take place in Besançon, Essonne. Two juveniles suspected of rape were arrested at the time and put behind bars.

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Local police said they had received help from the 16-year-old pirate. the victim is believed to be a teenage girl who lives in the city of Morsang-sur-Orge. The young hacker reported that he had referred to a video posted on social media to locate and identify the two culprits of this despicable crime. And it only lasted one night. The young hacker explained on the channel of France info where he was questioned, that he does not fully have only legal methods. "I saw the video and saw two young people tangleing a girl, and I saw that there was a rape story," he says. "We started investigating, we found his Snap, his first name. With the first names and the city, and with databases that we had hacked long before, we found their identity. ».

If the young pirate acknowledged in a certain sense that the process used was against the law, he also emphasized the fact that he has the merit of efficiency. "If we hadn't given, nothin[leur identité]g would have advanced, at least not in such a short time. In one evening we managed to find them. ». Fact that can't be denied.

We remember that rape has a place, there is now a week in the town of Morsang-sur-Orge, in the Essonne region. The culprits were identified through the Pharos. The perpetrator of the rape and his accomplice, the one who filmed the scene was stopped by police last Friday after being taken to the police station by their own parents. Their public identification resulted in a series of threats that could lead to reprisals. the indictment was carried out on Sunday followed by official detention temporary. The charges against them include "rape" meeting" and the "recording or dissemination of an image of breach of integrity of a person."

For the little hacker, who is the star of his arrests, nothing has been said yet. One wonders if he will be prosecuted for computer hacking. For, even though he helped, he did not violate the law. And according to him his own statements, it would seem that this is not the first time. And this is not likely to be the last. However, this story is a nice illustration of the use of computer piracy as a means of participating in the regulation of society.

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