The different types of computer attacks that keep us on the horizon

The different types of computer attacks that keep us on the horizon

December 10, 2019 Off By admin

As we all know, methods of computer attack have been developing steadily over the past 10 years.

It is therefore time to take stock of all the most widely used methods of cybercrime, in case we are inevitably confronted or we are already victims. In today's environment, cybercriminals have sufficient techniques and targets to engage in computer hacking.

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This makes it common to be computer attacks by web users and businesses. From there, you realize that everyone is vulnerable in this story. Whether it's the companies we talked about above, the states and other organizations, not to mention individuals, we are all victims of potential victims of cybercrime.

So protecting yourself on the Internet has become one of the priorities, if not the priority. And for good reason, it is not to mention its multitudes of computer attacks to which we are all exposed.

1 – Mining malicious cryptocurrency (cryptojacking)

The development of cryptographic currencies, and the craze that has been generated by the emergence of bitcoin have sowed the seeds of this form of computer threat. Cryptojacking is also called in French the mining of malicious cryptocurrencies, is a form of computer threat that consists and produce malware in the computer of individuals or a company (this is called a computer in the plural), with the aim of using the resources of the terminal to generate crypto currency, and this without the knowledge of the main user.

2 – Ransomware

it's one of the most popular computer attacks in the last 5 years, not to say it's the last 10 years. Indeed ransomware is, it must be said in fashion. As the name suggests, the ransomware has a malicious program, whose purpose is through the use of its publisher, and to take hostage the computer data contained in a computer system. once the malware is installed on the system.

It automatically encrypts data, preventing genuine users from accessing the terminal's content. in this way the hacker will require the victim of the hack to pay a ransom (usually in bitcoin or other cryptographic currencies) in exchange for the decryption key that will allow the user to finally access the contents of the hacked terminal.

3 – Hacking connected objects

It must be admitted that lately also objects connected are in full use development. From the car connected to the connected TV via the watch connected, all the tools we're used to using are almost all connected today. and more and more, the tools are becoming indispensable even unavoidable. This is of course not escaping hackers who seek to take advantage of it. and you don't have to not to be fooled, these objects are mostly less secure than smartphones or computers are used in general. It is for this reason that it is recommended manufacturers to make more and more efforts to improve systems to secure objects.

4 – Phishing

in the category of the top 3 most common computer hacking, phishing or phishing is a method used and widespread in the world cybercrime. It most often affects businesses, which tend to suffer the most damage from these kinds of attacks. What makes it special is that it allows to launch other types of attacks, such as ransomware hacks or hacking through smartphone malware. It is simply attracting the victim to a digital platform.

This could be a website or a space dedicated to an online bank for example. The latter believing himself on the platform he wants, will immediately introduce these login credentials and other personal information very easily retrieved by hackers and used for their purposes.

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