Pay attention to some apps Among Us

Pay attention to some apps Among Us

December 19, 2020 Off By admin

Recently the computer security company Promon published the results of its research around the app Among Us.

In this report, the company highlighted the fact that hackers are able to take advantage of the popularity of the game to mislead users by pushing them to download crooked programs. The company's researchers have discovered nearly 60 malicious applications that are currently circulating on the web.

As a reminder, let's say that the video game Among Us is in the category of online multiplayer type games. During the last 2 years, it has gained a certain popularity with the youth. The problem is that this popularity is going to be hijacked for malicious purposes. It is used as a decoy in a cyber-malleting campaign.

The study that uncovered this was carried out by the Norwegian company Promon, a computer security specialist in collaboration with Wultra. In concrete terms there are almost 60 fake apps that impersonate the famous game. Which is actually are the verified applications. Fans of this game are unfortunately caught in the marmalade.

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Of course, fake applications aim for a clear purpose. After analyzing some of them, computer security researchers observed that two-thirds of it contained malicious code that allowed hackers to control the devices on which they are installed. Apps would also be equipped with adware, malware that displays ads on the screen of their victim's devices.

The security company also mentioned the fact, that some applications with the functionality of stealing banking information and login data as well as passwords or usernames. To sound much more legitimate, hackers use the real name of the game's Android package.

On the other hand, it would seem that not all of these applications are the work of a single publisher. There are exactly 9 publishers involved according to the security company. These applications are usually offered on unofficial platforms. This goes elsewhere for this reason as it is highly recommended that users not download apps outside Google Play Store or the App Store.

Parents of young people who are interested in this type of game are also challenged on the issue. "The problem is that this particular game is very popular with young people, who generally don't care about the security of mobile apps and will download what they think is a legitimate version of the game," said Tom Lysemose Hansen, Promon's technical director. In a way, the game's publishers are doing everything they can to combat this spoofing. At the moment there is a lot of vigilance on the part of users. Especially don't download apps outside the Play store and AppStore.

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