Hack a Whatsapp account into 3 methods

Hack a Whatsapp account into 3 methods

July 31, 2019 Off By admin

WhatsApp software is one of the most widely used messaging applications worldwide.

Let's say it's the most used app today. She has more than one (1) billion fans who still use it. The latest 2018 version of the WhatsApp Messenger app has received several updates including several types of security features such as WhatsApp pinning and encryption.

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all phone users regardless of the operating system (Android, Microsoft, iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry…) are much familiar with this application.

In any case, you can, if you want, hack the WhatsApp account you want, with the simple tricks we will give you.

Hack WhatsApp by direct method.

First method of direct piracy:

PASS FINDER is the software that allows anyone to hack into a Facebook account. All you need is an email, phone number or username and the software will automatically hack the password associated with the victim's account.

Download PASS FINDER here: https://www.passwordrevelator.net/en/passfinder

Second method of direct piracy:

Note that by this method, you will not be able to access or hack the target accounts without the verification code. During the hack, you must have your target's phone number and physical access to mobile for the activation code verification procedure. Once you have passed this step, the WhatsApp account is open to you completely, you will be able to read the chats, send /receive messages from your WhatsApp target.

this method is quite difficult to put into practice. But it has the merit of being require no IT performance.

How to hack into a person's WhatsApp account using the MAC spoofing technique

this method is to use Spoofing Mac APKs such as Terminal Emulator, Busybox, etc. To be simple, it will be a matter of changing the the MAC address of the Whatsapp account you are targeting in order to direct it to your phone, because the WhatsApp account will believe it is its MAC address.

Note "The MAC address" is an address that allows you to control access to the equipment. It is a material and physical address that is provided by the network card manufacturers. In general, MAC addresses are formed 12-digit hexadecial numbers. Several network technology (802.11 wireless networks, Ethernet, Bluetooth, etc.) all have this guy unique address. However, you can change it by using certain apps available like Busybox APK for Android.

also If you opt for this option, you will need to download software who will perform your "mac-spoofing"

The flaw of this method. It's that you have to be fairly experienced in programming and have some technical competence.

Hack WhatsApp using a spyware

The advantage this third method is that, unlike the previous one, it is not you don't need to have a lot of technical knowledge.

There are several types of spying applications. And it varies according to the operating systems. For example for Android, on PlayStore some apps offer this service. These include "SpyPlus," "Spy for Whatsapp," "Clone Whatsapp," "CloneZap," etc.However, these apps available for the most part don't really work. Moreover, the application "Mspy" seems to be a bit unanimous. There is also "Hoverwatch" apparently.

These two (2) mobile apps work long enough to inspire confidence. But before using this hacking method, be sure to read carefully the comments and rating of the application. You need to make sure there is a stealth setting in the chosen app. Otherwise, the victim of your hacking can easily counter that he is being spied on. Whether on Android or iPhone, you certainly can't spy on the targeted Whatsapp without you installing stealth software.

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