Hacking a WiFi network: 3 effective techniques

Hacking a WiFi network: 3 effective techniques

February 2, 2022 Off By admin

WiFi is a technology that allows you to have a wireless Internet connection through a hotspot that serves as a relay point between the access provider and the user.

It is a technology whose use has become widespread today. In almost all places in the city, whether at home, in transport or in our workplace or in supermarkets, the WiFi connection is popular.

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However, if some networks remain open to the general public, the fact remains that others have their access protected by passwords. So the idea came like this to find the tricks to hack these WiFi networks and take advantage of the Internet they offer

Practically, is this possible?

Yes, indeed it is possible to hack a WiFi network and take advantage of its Internet access. For this, it will be necessary to find a way to discover the login credentials used by the owners of this WiFi network to protect this access. Most often these are very long passwords made up of several characters.

Normally we wonder how to go about it?

There are several techniques suitable for this kind of hacking. Techniques that can be carried out by hacking specialists or even by beginners who simply want to connect to the internet for free. There is the possibility of using the already pre-designed software or even going through composition settings of a particular algorithm.

However, we must warn you. Hacking is against the law. Therefore all persons who are found guilty are liable to legal sanction.

Consequently, the methods that we are about to deliver to you only fall within a purely pedagogical framework. You will then have to be careful not to use them in a context contrary to what the legal requirements recommend.

In short, here are 3 techniques that can be used to hack a WiFi account :

Tip 1: use the PASS WIFI software

PASS WIFI is a computer program categorized as cross-platform.

In other words, it is compatible with Windows, Android or even iOS. It is therefore possible to use it on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. It allows its user to scan the WiFi network in his surroundings and then provide the password necessary to access it. Its main advantage lies in the fact that you only have to install it on your own terminal. What keeps you from your broke on the method to use it. In fact, you simply have to download it. Then start the WiFi network search. Once the search is executed, the computer program takes care of decrypting the password itself. The software discussed here has already proven itself. Used by thousands of people around the world, its use is guaranteed or refunded.

Tip 2: Use a Keylogger

A Keylogger is a computer program whose main functionality is to be able to copy everything that the individual writes on his keyboard as soon as his terminal is trapped by it. In other words, it’s spyware.

But to use it effectively, you have to install it on the smartphone, computer or tablet of the individual who regularly connects to the WiFi you are targeting. In this way, when he enters the password for this WiFi, you can then copy this connection identifier. However, in 7 method, there is a catch. Indeed, for this to work correctly, it will obviously be necessary that the device that you have contaminated by the keylogger has not already recorded the password in question.

Tip 3: The default password

This seems innocuous as a method, but one can in a certain way try this shot and win the case.

Indeed, many users of this kind of service have the bad habit of always keeping active the default password assigned to them by the access provider during the installation of the modem. You just need to know which is the access provider and the hardware used, to find out the default password so easily . In many situations this technique works. It does not require actual deployments. However, this is something quite risky because the chances of success are only based on assumptions.

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