How to hack a WiFi network?

How to hack a WiFi network?

February 2, 2022 Off By admin

Nowadays, the WiFi network is undoubtedly one of the most widely used technologies in the world.

Everywhere in our surroundings, whether at school, in the office or even in a supermarket, there is not necessarily a WiFi connection allowing users to access the Internet through this particular network. However, not all WiFis have easy accessibility for everyone. Indeed, it is not uncommon for individuals to decide to intentionally encrypt their WiFi network to prevent anyone from accessing it. This may be your case for example or you somehow need to access your WiFi network so you forgot the password for example.

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So in this article, we intend to give you utilities that will help you crack the passwords of a WiFi network and gain access to it. However, it will be necessary to highlight a very certain reality. Hacking is illegal . In other words, any inappropriate use is prohibited. You must not violate the law in any way. The content of this article is purely for educational purposes.

Tip 1: use PASS WIFI

PASS WIFI is a software that can run on several platforms. In other words you can use it on a tablet, computer and smartphone. It is therefore possible to use it on iOS, Windows or Android. Its main functionality is to extract the passwords of the WiFi networks that they manage to detect. From this point of view, the user will be reimbursed in the event of non-satisfaction.

Given the thousands of people who already use it around the world, it is clear that its effectiveness is no longer in doubt. In practice, its use is quite simple. Indeed, all you need is to install it on your terminal. The software is responsible for scanning the available WIFI network itself and cracking their password.

You can download PASS WIFI from its official website:

Tip 2: find the password using a device that is already connected

Yes this method exists and is very simple. Find a device already connected to the WiFi network. To go directly to the settings of the device and the WiFi connection. That questions the password part to then be able to know these.

Obviously it will be necessary to ensure that the individual who is connected to WiFi with his device has indeed saved the password. In addition, we must not forget the possibility that the password is encrypted. If so, you will have no choice but to deploy methods worthy of a professional hacker.

Tip 3: Use a keylogger

It is also possible with a keylogger to hack the password of a WiFi account.

Indeed. If you manage to install this software on the terminal generally used by the owner of WiFi that you plan to target, you will simply have to wait for the latter to connect to his network and enter the necessary connection identifiers. And in no time at all you can then have the passwords and in turn connect.

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