How can I avoid being spied on on the Internet?

How can I avoid being spied on on the Internet?

September 17, 2019 Off By admin

Today one of our greatest fear is to know that everything we do is observed, monitored by strangers, for reasons we do not know.

So the purpose of this article, is to give you the few tips that will allow you to preserve your privacy and your privacy.

1- Always delete navigation cookies

Cookies are programs that allow websites to gather information about our browsing habits. Thanks to this they can 'record the hours we have logged in and sites and pages we visited. You have the the possibility of preventing these programmes from settling down on you terminals. Access your browser's privacy settings and turn them off. You can also install programs that can help them block and prevent that install automatically. In addition, you don't have to be hesitant to erase your computer cache from time to time. all days if possible.

2- Use an incognito navigation

It is possible to surf the internet without being tracked. Many browsers offer this feature. in adapting the setting, you can hide your Trace on the internet.

Once you hide your presence on the internet, cookies no longer register on your computer, or are automatically deleted as soon as the browser. However, don't misunderstand yourself. Indeed navigation incognito will keep you from certain advertisements targets and others tracking, however don't think you're getting rid of everything from online surveillance. Indeed, browsers always keep data from their users and sites internet also mark certain reports with each visit. In case shared computer, it is recommended to create multiple accounts users to allow each of them to connect to their space secured by a password.

3- Make sure the websites you visit are reliable

Today, in most of the activities lead online, we're getting to each time give more information on us. This may be information about our email addresses, our phone numbers, our geographic address or to our civil state. As we know, the major some of the sites collect this information for use purely commercial. By profiling your profile using the data they they produce advertisements that are going to be directed to your Big shot.

Therefore you have to be very careful when you fill out the forms. Because not all sites are what it seems be. Indeed, there are dummy sites that arise from a hacking procedure called phishing. So these sites imitate design and The most referenced site styles to mislead the user who's going to leave his personal data there. So before you fill any field on any site, make sure you're really on the real site. Check the legal mentions or the link above.

4- Browse using the Everywhere extension

For all intents and purposes, the websites whose link begins with HTTPS are without no doubt more secure than the site whose link starts with HTTP only. Because they are more vulnerable to computer attacks and the trap espionage. To prevent you from becoming a vulnerability when you navigation. Also, by using the Everywhere extension, you will be automatically redirected to secure sites.

5- Pay attention to the general terms of use, not accept them in all cases

Terms and conditions of use are conventions that bind you to the digital platform you use. This is why they are often required before or not to access a service. Also take the time to read the conditions often before accepting them. They are not always to your advantage and you may agree to something that will harm you in the future. So if you see that the terms of the conditions do not sit you. So don't accept them.

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