How to avoid web scams?

How to avoid web scams?

September 21, 2019 Off By admin

Today scams are everywhere.

It's impossible to take a step somewhere on the Internet without risking being having to.

So you're wondering how to outwit them. Well it's simple, in our article, you'll have tips to keep you checked…

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1- Beware of overly tempting offers

in it is easier to have an individual in it offering a golden deal. So it's up to you now to be wary when you may see the sale of an item at a third of its normal price or you are invited to participate in a draw that will allow you to make millions. ask yourself Questions. Tell yourself that money is not earned too easily on Internet. And above all, don't get caught up in something you don't master.

2- Learn how to find malware

he is important to learn how to detect malware. You'll ask how to do it. This is very simple first you have to Be careful when you download software. Avoid sites where offers it for free or online shops that are not Protected. Generally Technology manufacturers have their own app stores. You're recommends you limit yourself to its shops because they assure you some protection. Now when you're on a site you want to download a file in that when you download you receive an app, in particular, exchange of files ask, don't make the mistake of installing this app. It's spyware or even more dangerous. To conclude Beware of any applications that don't come from official phone or computer brand shops.

3- Don't be a fan of total free

One of them the easiest way to have a user today is for him offer free content or services. Indeed we've all been tempted once to download free videos from an illegal site instead of paying for the same video on an official sales site. Just as we have tend to be more for free apps than apps in premium mode. This has been promoted with the expansion of the Internet. However, what is free can be also dangerous. Take this in mind, when a service is free on the Internet, it is that you are the product. It's that it's you who are on the market. As a result, by logging on to an unofficial download site for watching one movie that normally pays off on another, it is clear that you're getting caught somehow. And it's usually in these cases that we download without realizing, heaps of malware on our terminals. However, we are not saying that that anything that's free is dangerous, but we're just saying that the free is necessarily a source of danger.

4- Learn to tell the difference between an official site and a fake site

It's one of the basics of computer security. Today it is easy to reproduce sites in terms of their design. As a result, many of the people get hurt by phishing. By logging on to a website, check out some of the things that are essential to you make sure it's on the right site. These include legal references. they will define the status of the site's publishers. the terms and conditions of use, the link shown above and of course the security protocol IT'S HTTPS. Read the name of the site carefully to confuse a capital i with an l tiny. Small details that could save you where you're sinking.

5 – Opt for dual-factor authentication

Of course this advice you have received several times. But let me tell you again. It will allow you to reassure your online transactions. So if you are faced with crooks. You will have time to change your mind and cancel the transaction.

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