How do we understand the safety of health data?

How do we understand the safety of health data?

January 4, 2020 Off By admin

Today, only a minority of security professionals believe that health data should be secure at the highest level.

According to a study conducted by the Agency Ipsos for the French health insurance mutual, the important aspect of the security of medical data is found only nearly 31% of health specialists. However, on the patient side, more than 58% have been observed who believe that this data is really of paramount importance.

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In the surveys, which were conducted mainly online on the basis of a questionnaire addressed to 500 French people, the study showed that health data were more valuable to patients than to professionals simply. It should be noted that the survey was "representative of the French population in terms of gender, age and region of residence." On the professional side, 618 general practitioners, medical specialists, dental surgeons and pharmacists were interviewed.

And according to the report: "Health professionals underestimate the importance of personal health data security to patients. MACSF demonstrated in a statement. There was exactly a 20-point gap between patients and professionals. And 94% of patients feel that data security should not be taken lightly, while only 73% of professionals agree with them.

It was to note a problem of trust when it is necessary to transfer medical data from one point to another such as in the case of acts of telemedicine. In this context, 69% of patients are of particular concern. This goes either for 76% professional. There is no such only 45% of patients who agree to give their trust to patients connected objects followed by 50% of professionals. For the latter, security is possible in this context.

On the other hand, the majority of respondents do not finds no objection to sharing their medical data. In fact, 86% patients believe that it would be possible for them to make their health data "to assist in medical research and treatment of health Diseases. ».74% of them will be opinion with this if they are able to determine in advance who will have the right access to it, and 69% require anonymization of the data in this context. Half of the patients surveyed will be willing to report medical data if it may allow him to benefit from certain reductions or more. In addition, 27% will not hesitate to do so "in a other countries offering services not available in France. Such that Reproductive Health Assistance (MPA or LDC). ».

In addition, the majority of professionals express some reluctance towards the investments made by the digital giants that are GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), in the health sector. Indeed, 48% of professionals believe that the presence of these giants would pose more data security problems than anything else. In contrast, only 28% of patients rated the same. On the other hand, 34% of them felt that this is not so bad that "large multinational companies specializing in the digital sector are investing in the health sector. 64% of professionals are opposed.

According to surveys, 45% of patients all believe that physicians use automated interpretations to determine their health in the majority of cases, compared to only 4% of professionals.

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