The year 2020 already has twice as many attacks as 2019 according to ANSSI

The year 2020 already has twice as many attacks as 2019 according to ANSSI

September 15, 2020 Off By admin

This year's computer attacks are literally breaking the records of 2019.

Indeed, according to a recent study conducted by the National Agency for Security of Information Systems, the Gendarme of French Cybersecurity, 2020 has already counted twice as many attacks based on ransomware as last year.

Computer security has never been more important. The stakes this year and much more full-bodied. The importance of keeping its terminals and computer system safe reverses too much importance in 2020.

By September 2020, the number of cyberattacks on ransomware is already higher than in 2019. We must multiply forgiveness is the follow-up by the organizations last year. According to the national cybersecurity agency, it had a tally of nearly 104 interventions in just 9 months, compared to 54 interventions last year. And the worst part is that it's not over yet.

As a reminder, ransomware is computer software, which is used in cyberattacks, which involve literally taking a computer system hostage. Hackers prevent system users from accessing them by encrypting data and access. Second, cyber criminals demand the payment of a ransom how to unlock access to the information they hold hostage. While cybercriminals did not require large sums of money in the early days, this trend clearly changed. It is now necessary to pay large sums of money in order to recover its activities. The most famous victims of these computer attacks this year and last include:

– Fleury Michon

– Bouygues construction

– rouen University Hospital and the M6 chain

According to the national security agency training systems, the target of choice for cyber criminals and especially SMEs. For a long time much attention was turned to the large groups, because it was felt that they were the ones who had much more to lose and the means to pay. However, small and medium-sized enterprises and in much more lax on the issue of cybersecurity, we end up attracting the attention of hackers. Generally a security team made up of fewer specialists, especially during the weekend and summer holidays, the French cybersecurity watchdog recorded a spike in cyber attacks during this period. Last June alone, the agency documented 28 cases of ransomware attacks.

Faced with the explosion of these malicious practices, the National Information System Security Agency is warning companies to spend more money on their IT security. In addition, it provides all organizations with a guide to good practices to follow when dealing with a computer attack. One of the requirements not to pay the ransom demanded by cyber criminals is the importance of filing a complaint.

According to François Deruty, Deputy Director of Operations of the National Agency for Security of Information Systems: "In parallel with the ransomware attack, we are seeing more and more data theft followed by blackmail at the publication on the web of this sometimes sensitive information." In addition, ransomware attacks must target not just companies. They can also be directed against individuals.

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