The VPN or the solution to access the internet safely

The VPN or the solution to access the internet safely

August 28, 2019 Off By admin

The ideal today would be to connect to the Internet and not be faced with several disadvantages that we know that are among other things tracking.

Surfing the Internet discreetly is of course the wish of any user.

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some IT solutions, this is where the VPN comes in in English "Virtual Private Network." This technology gives its user the care to be able to access the Internet and conduct its activities while being anonymous. he protects the devices used from any form of tracking thus protects against unwanted cookies or malware.

It is a security solution for individuals but also for businesses. They can rely on VPNs to define a strategy for securing their computer systems. Whether at home or in public places, company employees are often tempted to connect to third-party Internet networks. As we know, these networks are usually unsecured.

An employee infected on this type of network risks carrying the malware that he would have loaded onto his company's computer system to which he will connect later. So establishing a strategy, based on VPNs to preserve the integrity of the company's IT, would be beneficial. This requires special training and close collaboration with employees and company management.

For the record, it is to be remembered that the VPN was born in the 90s. The project of these designers was to allow one terminal to be able to establish a connection with another terminal in a secure way. And at a lower cost. A solution of free and efficiency. That is what the VPN is supposed to represent.

Two main properties can be distinguished from this private network: "First, it will integrate routing information into the encapsulated packages so that it is sent directly to the recipient. ». Second, it develops encryption strong enough to preserve the communication that will be established between the company's system and the target terminal. In this way, no third-party individual can intercept or even read the content of that communication.

the VPN method has the merit of the reduced cost as well as its strength and flexibility. Deploying a private network system costs much less more expensive than any private security means. Then the regulation of the number users as well as navigation extensions are very easy because this does not require complex enough protocols.

by it should also be known that the implementation of a private network in the securing enterprise information systems, requires a good knowledge of the technologies to be used. Therefore appeal expert is a necessity.

However, like any computer system, the VPN has a drawback. It's related enough bandwidth. Indeed it only works with the Internet because of this, its effectiveness also depends on the vagaries of the network. Clearly a good VPN will depend on a good Internet network in terms of speed and availability.

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