India plans to conduct WhatsApp security audit

India plans to conduct WhatsApp security audit

December 1, 2019 Off By admin

Authorities in India have expressed a willingness to conduct a security audit of the social network's WhatsApp systems, after there was a series of computer hacking and the revelation of the existence of a malware that would take advantage of the application's vulnerabilities to exploit its users' data.

This announcement was made by the minister in charge of technology in the country. Apparently a team in charge of Indian emergency computing known as CERT-In "requested on November 9, 2019 the submission of information to WhatsApp, including the need to conduct an audit and inspection of WhatsApp's security systems and processes. Ravi Shankar Prasad served Parliament in his statement.

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For its part, the social network did not comment on The subject. It is known that during the last month, e-mail had brought legal action against an Israeli company whose specialty was the monitoring and production of spyware called NSO group. WhatsApp had accused the company of helping its customers break into more than 400 users of the social network spread across the 4 Continents. People who were targeted by the various hacks that WhatsApp deplored are composed, among other things, of diplomats, two journalists, political dissidents, still officials military and military Government. There were exactly 121 people, among the which are supposed to be affected by the Pegasus spyware of the Israeli society.

As a reminder, it should be noted that India is the largest social network market with more than 400 million users, according to 2 sources from the Reuters news agency.

WhatsApp was questioned by the Indian Internet Authority who asked the network further clarifications to which the latter was willing to submit. In addition, the Indian agency also interviewed the Israeli group meaning spy program and its real impact on the Indian population. As in many cases, habituated, Israeli company has always denied selling these software to anyone. It ensures that it is limited governments.

According to the Minister for Technology, WhatsApp did not mention spyware at any time during their exchange with ministry officials. In addition, the social network informed india's Internet Agency of a computer attack that may have occurred during the month of May, during which the social network had identified and even fixed a "vulnerability that allows an attacker to insert and execute code on mobile devices. noted the minister.

For their part, the various victims of piracy computer technology via the Israeli company's software demanded from the government to make public, the application of the NSO group in this matter.

However, it is not known so far what is the main purpose of the Indian Internet authority in this witch hunt?

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