When ethical piracy becomes an ingenious solution to protect the company

When ethical piracy becomes an ingenious solution to protect the company

December 1, 2019 Off By admin

Cybercrime is now one of the facets of digital technology that mobilizes the most resources in our businesses.

This threat is only increasing every year and companies are doing their best to combat this scourge. Among the various methods used to protect against this new form of crime, we regularly talk about ethical hacking. This unexpected process is an effective way today to fix a lot of security flaws.

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The idea came to find an effective way to be able to counter the increasing number of computer attacks. Learning from the failures of the past, computer system security professionals have developed this novel approach that is original enough to establish the defense shield. an approach that now starts from security flaws, unlike the old system that had in mind to build defense shields.

Despite what everyone believes, hackers not all are Criminals. They don't rape laws, and are not necessarily intended to cause only damage. For some time now a new form of piracy has began to flourish more and more in the world of enterprises. That's good on so-called ethical piracy.

The very simple principle of ethical piracy: "The idea is to use external professionals to recruited to deliberately attack it. They are trying to systematically penetrate networks, applications, devices or other targets in their computer systems, in order to detect the main targets security breaches. Once found, they are reported to the owner of the resource in order to be corrected. explains Tim Bandos, Vice President of Cybersecurity at Digital Guardian. If from a technical point of view, ethical hackers use the same methods or the same strategy that hackers criminals, we need to nuance these two categories of hackers. Indeed, the first to always agree the target to hack. that is, companies specifically hire them to they are able to penetrate their system. It was then as a result of their exploits, that "fixes security will be produced in order to close discovered loopholes. ». they report all their findings and vulnerabilities detected at the company, so that it can Remedy. Finally, they ensure that the confidentiality of the organization and employees are respected throughout the process. Tim explained Bandos.

Several companies have decided to use this process today to discover not only the security flaws in their system, but also to build a defense strategy against external intrusions. Tim Bandits said: "As the volume and variety of threats continue to grow, many companies use the services of ethical hackers to assess themselves before someone with more malicious intentions does. ».

The benefits of this process are undeniable and the cybersecurity results of companies better. However, one should not sleep on one's laurels because no procedure is infallible. Also each company has the right, for its part, to make its analysis and determine whether in the condition in which it finds itself corresponds to the use of ethical piracy.

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