Malware and coronavirus, a combination that is becoming increasingly dangerous for users

Malware and coronavirus, a combination that is becoming increasingly dangerous for users

March 20, 2020 Off By admin

For some time now, hackers have been trying to take advantage of the pandemic that affects the whole world, coronavirus.

Recently it was discovered an application that would take advantage of the panic generated by the coronavirus to attack smartphone users and defraud them in passing. But don't panic, because all you have to do is type in the next code to make it all right "4865083501."

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which is this application and how exactly does it work and on what platform? Geoffroy Husson, IT journalist at FrAndroid explains this by "As the Covid-19 pandemic rages throughout the pirates take the opportunity to defraud money of those who to have statistical information on the coronavirus crisis. one Android app will thus block your smartphone unless you pay $100… or you're entering a unique code. ». Other than that, we can deduce two very important things. First, the app only affects Android devices at least that's what has been detected so far. Then the application works as a ransomware not to say that it's a ransomware. Only that he settles down through user directly. There is exactly one application that has for the detected in this kind of context: Coronavirus Tracker or CovidLock.

in standards is an application that is supposed to allow its users to have some information about coronavirus, statistics related to the disease as well as a kind of map by tracking one's nationally and globally. Only that all this is not true at all, because the goal is of course to take hostage the Android terminal reckless user. "Once the app is installed from the site developer on an Android smartphone, users quickly realize that it is actually malware. There is a message that says the smartphone is now encrypted and the device's data is all unreachable. ». Explains Geoffroy Husson. And depending on the mode ransomware operation, the hackers behind the app will require payment a ransom but for the small enough blow. We're talking about $100 to $250. but required in bitcoins.

after analysis, the group of hackers behind this operation calls itself "Web "Designius." Unfortunately for this hacker group, the configuration Android, already fights this kind of malware. For according to the experts who analysed COVIDLOCK, it would appear that it did not designed by specialists. The encryption being similar for all phones affected by the program, a single code is enough for all unbolt. And according to experts the unlock code is even in the source code of the malware.

Even if this is not dangerous enough, the problem of this malware already reminds us of the advice that has been given time and time again to Android users, not to download an application outside the official Google store that is the PlayStore. Because users are protected thanks to Google Play protect from the PlayStore, which ensures the integrity of their smartphones' programs. Moreover, if you want to keep track of the pandemic, some official and recognized platforms offer this kind of service to Microsoft's Bing stars.

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