Hacker group arrested in Europe, end of large-scale hacking odyssey

September 21, 2019 Off By admin

Earlier this week, it was shut down, hackers for illegal resale activity of IPTV offer in some European countries including Italy.

About 20 people had been arrested by Italian police for hacking.

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It must be admitted that this is a pride for the Italian law enforcement, especially customs. It claims to have dismantled one of IPTV's largest hacking networks on Wednesday. The investigation was carried out under the direction of the Naples Public Prosecutor's Office. It was reported that a total of 23 people were arrested and charged. This was followed by the deactivation of "the most common illegal IPTV platform among hackers."

The illegal pay-TV platform was referred to as "xtream codes." It has only more than 5 million users in Italy. Its turnover is estimated at around 60 million euros. According to the Italian customs authorities, this platform was set up by two pirates of Greek origin.

the illegal website offered an online television service, under different formats that can be accessed "to hotels, businesses and enthusiasts ».

the offers were priced in two well-defined formulas. First the formula which cost 59 euros per month is the minimum formula that cost €15 a month. According to information gathered by the officers in charge of survey, the site had about 5000 subscribers for about 18,000 liquidated server for a total of 50 million users.

the subscription or any other levies provision emanating from this illegal site were made "on current accounts or via PayPal equivalent to 100,000 euros per month" had notified the Naples Public Prosecutor's Office. The platform with specialty converted signal flows into audiovisual productions that were protected by copyright or reproduction. If 23 have been arrested, it should be noted that these 25 members who have been identified implies that two are still on the run. These pirates managed their installation from a foreign country. However, it is there was a network of shops throughout Italy that from Lombardy to Sicily via the Veneto Company Puglia and Calabria.

Moreover, our hackers, thanks to the platform made available to its customers the contents of certain bouquets at an average price of 12 euros. And according to the European Judicial Cooperation Agency, the illegal site supplied several countries in the European Union. The investigation is still ongoing and we are trying to find out the final word of the story. it seems that this pirate platform, collaborates with other European companies. The Naples Public Prosecutor's Office has requested 8 investigations to be conducted in different countries such as the Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Germany and Greece. In collaboration with Eurojust. More than 800 websites and about 183 servers are involved in this story. Note that those responsible for this large-scale hacking have been charged and will be prosecuted for criminal association, infringement of the right to reproduction and of course computer hacking.

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