A guide for the business manager

A guide for the business manager

October 2, 2020 Off By admin

There are now nearly 4.57 billion active Internet users worldwide every day according to a study by Statista.

This number is quite large and present for the companies that are most invested in the digital economy. A sector that is growing and, however, is not without risk. Cybercrime is now on the rise. Hackers have never been more prolix than in recent times. This exposes more users of digital services, but also companies in the sector.

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It is in this context that business leaders, in order to continue to grow their society, must consider the threat to the highest degree. Cybersecurity must be their business.

In this article we will give some usual advice, aimed specifically at business leaders. The idea is to be able to put in place and the set of systems and processes, which facilitates in one sense the safe practices, in another allows to increase its level of security.

1. Get everyone involved

Cybersecurity is a big package. It is also a team effort that requires the intervention of several people, but also the supervision of several others. "Only good governance from the board of directors can reverse the trend. Cyberattack protection cannot be treated as a problem that belongs solely to an IT or cybersecurity department. It needs to create a broad and impenetrable network that covers everything an organization does from its business operations, models and strategies to its products and intellectual property. experts Thomas J explain. Parenty and Jack J. Domet in a Harvard Business Review.

In other words, everything must be organized in such a way as to facilitate communication between the different actors, but also to connect with new people.

In practice, it is known that a large proportion of corporate cyberattacks occur when an employee allows himself, for example, to click on a link from illegitimate correspondence or to use a storage device that does not comply with the rule. Everyone's participation makes it easier to learn good digital hygiene practices

2. Putting in place an IT security policy

Certain attitudes and behaviours need to be defined with precision. Specify what should be authorized and prohibited in the context of the use of professional terminals in business. Put in place a set of protocols, allowing to control access, anticipate threats, and ensure the response as quickly as possible. You have to be in control and sift through it. From the necessary websites for the service to social media, through messaging services. Because as we know, humans remain the weak link in computer security. It must then be put at the centre of the very organisation of the processes designed to protect the system

3. Protecting computers and mobile devices

It is essential to protect these terminals. For this, several tools are available on the market today. Compared to the stated needs, you will have the right product. But it's not just about installing programs. You also need to control everyone who accesses your devices. The time it spends using these devices and why they accessed them.

4. Make backups of your data

The issue of data backups is no longer a taboo issue. With the explosion of ransom software attacks, it has become more than necessary to be able to access its data when its system is taken hostage by malware. Especially since today several ways facilitate this. Especially the cloud service.

5. Secure WiFi access

The vectors of attacks are multiplying. But the one that usually concerns wifi access is not new at all. That is why we must not forget it.

6. Use a private virtual network

Like many other digital services, private virtual networks experienced a certain boom. Their basic features of ensuring a secure connection can also have its advantage. This will make it easier for you to control everyone who accesses your computer network. But also, to prevent intruders from attempting any intrusion. Today there are several VPN service providers. It will be easy for you to equip yourself at this level.

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