Phishing: Bank data stolen once again

Phishing: Bank data stolen once again

December 22, 2019 Off By admin

In practice phishing, still known as phishing, a hacking technique most used in the world.

It works in a very simple but sneaky way. The user must be misled, prompting the user to give confidential information about him. it can have disastrous consequences as has been seen many times.

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Hackers take advantage of the naivety of Internet users, collect information to better steal it. This continues and is likely to continue despite the efforts that it security specialists may well develop. Victims in this case are increasing by the day, and in the majority of cases are themselves their executioner because facilitating piracy through their negligence or lack of discipline.

But in another case, computer program are pretty sophisticated ways to bypass the defenses of computer systems especially those of the most common men. Among these programs, we have Android software that specializes in stealing data the people he is targeting. The publishers' goal is simply to empty people they have decided to target.

This software has just taken over from another that was known to work similarly. these are Anubis viruses that last month has done enormous damage. Originally Android has known as "Ginp" and generally takes on the smartphone mostly running under the Android operating system. According to experts, it has been in circulation since June of this year, as has the Anubis programme. however these victims are not as numerous as the previous one, because it has not yet managed to infiltrate the PlayStore google. A chance for users even if it is unlikely that he will ever succeed in accessing the app store of the American giant Google.

however we should not underestimate these small programs that can take the risk of spreading, because it's not the alternatives that are going to be missing. hackers the origin of this malware could simply use the famous technique phishing that was more talked about high. This is why it is highly recommended to users of banking services in line to be more careful different practices on the web.

The development of online banking has also pushed hackers to think bigger and improve the way they attack the system.

The Android virus is strongly inspired by Anubis. It can automatically infect your smartphone if you inadvertently download and install an APK file. Of course these kinds of apps don't come from a secure source like the Google Play Store. Another reason to remember not to download and use apps not from an official source. Once the app is installed, it will disguise itself as an official application. In some cases, the app icon will disappear to prevent any form of suspicion. Some users don't even realize it's installed. Once all this is successful, it will then mimic the interface of your online bank. With each connection, hackers will be able to collect the information they need to access your account. From the you can say goodbye to your money.

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