8 tips to make your computer as secure as possible

8 tips to make your computer as secure as possible

December 22, 2019 Off By admin

1. Install anti-virus protection

Method that is generally recommended to anyone computer, the installation of the antivirus must be a Reflex.It allows as you well know to protect your terminal directly, while preventing your device from advance, infections. Overall, a computer with a good antivirus and safe. But there is no such thing as zero risk, and it should not be forgotten.

2. Set up the firewall

There is a pre-installed firewall in the system Windows operating system. But you also have the opportunity to get it as we do for an antivirus. it will complete the protection with the antivirus.

3. Use a VPN and protect your internet connection

As you probably know the VPN is software that you will help camouflage your IP address. In this way, it will be substituted by a so that you can navigate anonymously. The advantage anonymous connection will of course hide your location and prevent you from being followed. there are several applications that can enable you to achieve this goal. There are all categories. Paying as free. The leader in this field and NordVPN.

4. Update the operating system

Windows being the most used system, so it is subject to many forms of computer attacks. For each time, Microsoft offers updates. This enhances the security of your terminal. Therefore, you should not be overlooked when you are offered it.

5. Update the browser

Like the operating system, it is very important keep it up to date, the browser you're using. Indeed, it is the hackers' first gateway into your terminal. Because except In the event of an exception, piracy can only occur via the Internet. the browser being a tool that usually allows you to access the content of the web, so it is also a gateway for hackers. If it has security flaws, you'll be exposed even if you're have an anti-virus or an up-to-date operating system. furthermore Instead, choose trusted browsers. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the best browsers of the moment.

6. Clean your computer

On a regular basis at intervals not too far away, you must clean your computer. That is, in practical terms to empty your trash can to clear the cookies present in the browser, from you rid of hidden files.

7. Getting rid of unnecessary programs

It's also part of the clean-up process in front of your computer. You must have as little active software as possible. because these different programs can also be vulnerabilities to succeed in your success attack. When you don't need software, please uninstall.especially to avoid many of these applications do not start during the start-up of Computer. In addition, it will allow you to save space in your computer.

8. Update its messaging service

Like the browser, the messaging tool used must also be constantly updated. Indeed, it also has one of the preferred means of hackers to access the terminal. since it is constantly used in exchanges and very easy to use it to send a corrupted link or even a malware via these services. To believe that it is easier by this means than the browser itself. Also, usually choose a service that constantly offers updates in case of vulnerability.

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