Secure your WiFi to protect your computer

Secure your WiFi to protect your computer

October 31, 2016 Off By admin

From home, to go on the Internet, you use what is called a wifi network. With everything you hear about hacking, you start to wonder if it's necessary to secure it. And if so, you're also wondering how to do it. Don't worry: Password Revelator experts will explain everything there is to know about securing the wifi network.

Why do you need to secure your WiFi?

It is important to secure your wifi, whether you're browsing the Internet from a fixed computer or laptop. And whether it's a Mac or a Windows computer. Indeed, if you do not take the time to secure it, some malicious people (pirates) may use your wireless network.

How do you secure your wifi?

Thankfully, it's really not complicated to secure your wifi. Just think about it and preferably as soon as the wireless network is installed in your home. Here's how to do it:

First, we advise you to make your data unreadable by encrypting your wifi network, not with the WEP protocol (by default), but with the WPA2 protocol. To change this information, just go to the administration panel of your modem.
Then change the name of your box and the password of your wifi network. This is a very important step and yet few people think about it!
Also, consider updating your box regularly. In fact, ISPs regularly offer software updates to thwart vulnerabilities that allow hackers to illegally connect to wifi networks.
Finally, you also have the ability to filter people who are allowed to connect to the Internet with your wifi. To do this, you have to identify your mac address. Don't know what a mac address is? It is simply an address that is stored in a network card and has the great advantage of being unique. It cannot be replicated, which gives you extra protection.

I secured my wifi: what's the next step?

That's it, your wifi network is now secure. This is a very good thing done, but hackers can still invest your computer as well as the sites you use every day. You will have to install an anti-virus, a firewall and you will have to configure every account created on the Internet with the utmost care, especially on the social networks that are the preferred target of hackers! Once your computer is completely secure, you can start surfing the Internet safely.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about it!

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